Backside of the Moon

How does the far side or back side of the moon look like. Images of the dark side of the moon

The Moon always shows us only the same side. If you want to see the other side of the Moon you have to make a trip around the Moon with a starship. I have brought you images today of the other side of the Moon. Those are computergraphic images that are made using real Moon data. I think taking a flight and seeing the backside of the Moon is something nice for the summer.

Backside of the Moon

But now lets start my image series of a flight around the Moon to see the backside of the Moon.

moon backside moonflight1

This is the Moon pretty much as we know it.

far side of the moon moonflight2

Now we have turned quite a bit around the Moon towards the left side.

moon far side moonflight3

This image is made as we have turned now much more around the Moon. What you see here, the many craters is actually already the backside of the Moon. The big crater that you can now see is the Mare Orientale.

moon backside moonflight4

Now here we have a nice view of Mare Orientale and about half of the far side of the Moon. The big Crater to the middle left wich looks like a circular crater with another circular crater inside of it is called Hertzsprung Crater

backside moon moonflight6

This is nearly the complete backface of the Moon. The big crater to the left of Hertzsprung Crater is Korolev Crater.

other side of the moon moonflight7

At the upper left the dark area is the Mare Moscoviense that just comes into sight.

moon backface moonflight82

As we turn further around the Moons we come to this nice shot with earth in the background.

moon dark side moonflight9

This is the final picture. This is the rest of the Moon backside. The big crater under the Mare Moscoviense is the Gagarin Crater.

I have put you here two images with the names of some craters

Front side:

Backside of the moon FrontCrater

Back side:

moons backside MoonBackCrater