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evader Spirituality Practice – Spiritual and religion articles and video tutorials. How to ..


Spirituality and religion tutorial videos

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“German Jesus”? Welcome to my religious tutorial homepage


“Don’t wait for heaven!


How to come to heaven and reach God / Allah or the higher things. Longer explantion tutorial

Now to learn the higher things you do not practice supernatural stuff. To come to God or reach heaven. You will practice somthing that all world religions have been teaching for a very long time. But since you are looking for a transformation towards reaching a new form of being you can imagine how much effort you have to put into walking on this path to reach nirvana. You have to completely walk it to really get results. You have to make this path your only wish. So here comes the most basic video I could deliver. What is the way to the higher form of being?


A core concept of religion and spirituality


Should everybody find his or her own way in religion. Is spirituality a personal thing


How to become attractive with Spirituality when flirting

How spirituality is by far the most attractive thing you can do in regard to flirting. Because reaching your true goal of coming closer to heaven makes you bit by bit a higher person. And becoming higher as you reach closer to the higher things makes you bit by bit a more attractive person. As being on the way to God or heaven is the ultimate wish for every being. And living to stay on your way to nirvana means helping people to reach nirvana. And that is most attractive as it is everybodies goal. Also this is about what it means to live spirituality in every moment.


What is sin? What is haram? What blocks me from coming to heaven

To walk on the true path you have to understand what is wrong. In order to avoid the things blocking you on your way to God or the higher things. To find the right way you have to understand how to avoid doing wrong actions. And it is important for finding the right way to not be puzzled by wrong ideas about sin or haram. There are a lot of misconceptions about what has to be avoided on your way to heaven. How to understand sin properly.


Is religion the truth or just wrong and stupid?

Is religion the way to reach heaven and come to nirvana. Is religion the way to come to God / Alla / Ishvara. What is religion what can It to and what can it not achieve. Learn about this great cultural heritage and where to put it.


Reaching heaven. How to come to nirvana. Longer tutorial on how to come to the higher things

Many people think that religion is stupid. A wrong idea for stupid people. A thing people make up so that they are not afraid. A giant lie that will not stand against modern science. A stupid relict of a primitive past. Of course religion is actually a precious human technique. Religion is humanities way of developing and preserving the ideas we collected for reaching the higher things. With this tutorial we will understand about how to reach closer to heaven or God however you call it with this longer tutorial video about coming to heaven. Get a true understanding of religion.


Basics of good meditation tutorial

Don’t watch those videos Best start with the meditation introduction. Here:

Meditation Introduction Tutorials

How can I learn to meditate. Here you have an online tutorial about meditation. How does good meditation work. For reaching the higher things and coming to nirvana it is important to work in the right way with your body and your mind. In this tutorial I will explain on of the absolute high techniques of meditation. If you acces what I am explaining here you will be very useful for you. In the sidebar you will find even more stuff about meditaton


Meditation tutorial. Understanding the actions of your mind

In this video I explain a concept for your meditation that I consider most important. It is something that your mind constantly does and that can trick you into thinking you would be judging while in fact your body is doing a meditative thing which you do not notice. As soon as you understand that your body is doing a meditative thing on hi own you will be able to use this meditative technique precicely. And it will help you with understanding when your mind is making a judgement and when you are actuall just walking on a false way. This is an important training since you will often have it.


Religion critics who are sure religion is wrong, false and stupid. Third part of the meditation tutorial

This video is an add on to the previous video about roles. It talks about how far reaching the meditative concept is that I described in the previous video about “roles”. When you are strictliy against religion there is a good chance that the reason for this lies in the concept that I describe in the previous video. Also if you spend much time thinking about how god really is or how the things of religion actually are then also you should see how this concept plays a role influencing what you think.


The crazy supernatural things

Religion, spirituality. What is the use of that? Well eventually we will reach a higher and better form of being. And on the way to this better form you achieve possibilities that are actually natural but we call them supernatural from our point of view. In this video I talk about things that I experience of which I know you do not yet experience them. So this video is a bit more personal and also you might think I am crazy. but I do mean it. I will talk about some of the supernatural things you can learn on your way towards better spirituality.


What is the purpous of life. How can I live my life right


Is atheism stupid or true. Are religion debunked videos clever

Atheism will get you nowhere. Since the higher things exist and you are on the way to get to a higher state. Religion is just about to find tose higher things. Still you find a lot of religion debunked videos. Why those videos are so well liked you can understand in the tutorial Meditation Roles that you find above. This topic just one of the examples how not being knowledged in Meditation can really be a big drawback in finding the truth. If you are a strong atheist look at the tutorial about meditation above that is called Meditation. Understanding the actions of the mind. Roles. There you can understand what makes atheism credible to your mind even though it is actually not credible at all.


What is God like. Is God personal or are there just unpersonal higher things

Is God or Allah personal. Or is it as Buddhism believes that the higher things are unpersonal.


How to come to heaven. How can I reach nirvana or heaven

Why will you fail when you keep doing religion the way you do it at the moment. Whatever religion you have you are not on the right path. What is the right path to reach the higher things. How to get to heaven. How to reach Allah / God / Nirvana. What is the true way. How can you reach heaven.


Why should I believe in things that I don’t see. Isn’t that stupid and unscientific

Religion tells you to believe in things that you can not see. Whereas Science tells us to believe only in the things that you can see. Is believing in things that you can not see wrong or is it a good idea to do this. Why is this strategy used in spirituality.


You find all my videos on my YouTube channel


Are you clever enough to answer this?



How to reach heaven. How can I practice religion and spirituality


If you are missing words use a dictionary parallel l to reading: Leo Dictionary


eternityI am this german guy the talk was about this german “Jesus” or “Buddha” guy, and I made this page to explain things I think about spirituality and religion. And it is my personal homepage for my hobbies and stuff.

I hope with this page you find some more orientation in this highly complicated human endevor of religionamazing. On this page I use the different human terms for things like God / Allah / Ishvara or heaven / nirvana intermixed.Read it. Read it twice. let it sink in. Don’t expect too much. See what it gives you after you have read some more on this page. This following basic thought will for example be repeated in other context on this page.



Right spiritual practice to reach nirvana

I think you should not think about religion as a thing of certain holy body movement or a thing of meditating to move the mind in the right way. You will come to understand the use of good movement and good movement of the mind later in your practice. truthfulBut during all times of your practice even as a master of spirituality you aim your behaviour not at a made up image of holy movements but instead you aim at doing what is good in your most casual understanding of what is good. Listening to somebody who needs help and attention must not be done in a special movement of the body. It is just the casual and normal thing of listening to somebody and helping that personwisdom that already counts as good for the universe or God (Allah, Ishvara). So if you do something good then it is good and will lift you up higher. The universe understands if you are doing something nice. The universe does not have to wait until you do some “holy” movement before it understands you. God understands in normal terms. So if you try to be nice Ishvara will understand that. So the way to God lies in truthful being and really trying to be nice. Thats why I say: “The universe understands”.


Meditation online tutorials for practicing


You wll find meditation practices and exercises on this page together with the spiritual techniques and ideas

Meditation Is a complex field but often it uses just speaking to yourself. In this audiofile I just talk to myself to put myself in a good mindset.

      Just calming down in this most basic meditation


Online articles about religion

This page incluses many religious or spiritual articals. You will find a central written free online course about spirituality practice and spiritual exercises and many critical articles about religion all on this page no matter if you are a Buddhist or a Christian or if you believe in Islam, Hinduism or Judaism.


The idea of a physical universe in which god does not exist. Arguments against religion and if religion is stupid and bad for humanity.

Article:. Is spirituality and religion stupid For the critics who say religion is stupid made up nonsens and humanity would be better of without it. This talks about all the classic arguments. If religion is good or bad for humanity.





spirituality religion

online course or tutorial about spirituality

Online course: read a free online course tutorial about spirituality and learn spirituality online. For people who want to deeply understand spirituality.






Online quiz game general knowledge. on top of the page you find a Quiz game. A set of 12 questions. A college graduate over 30 will probably answer 7 out of 12 questions right. So you can check your knowlege if you like. You can freely play and answer some questions. Questions are general culture and pop culture knowledge: movies,songs,religion, history, dinosaurs.. . Don’t forget that you best enter your name before you answer the first question because otherwise you have no chance to appear on the scoreboard that is also on this page below. If you want to set a highscore then you must enter your nickname before you start.



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