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How to reach great Universe Spirituality

You want to reach universe spirituality then this site is the right thing for you. You maybe have doubts in the overcome religions. You search for a way of really entering the universal secrets. Touching the spiritual depth of this universe. And become a master of the true universe spirituality. You will find many ideas about this everywhere on this page. This page does not call it Universe Spirituality though, this page rather speaks of God because this is the name for searching universe spirituality that people used before they used this more modern term. Speaking about God might sound like stupid religion stuff and might be just the thing you want to avoid but it means nothing else then searching for universe spirituality. so trust me real modern spirituality is what I will talk about here. So here we go: The universe has a deep inner wish. You can sense this deep inner wish of the universe if you have progressed enough to sense it. That can take a long time, so I will try to tell you what it will be that you will sense if you have progressed enough. So then you will know better how to progress into the right direction. This deep inner wish of the universe is a very high form of being caring. And this inner wish is present everywhere in the universe and it is the general wish of the universe.spirituality universal True Universe Spirituality will be reached more, the more you act according to this inner wish of the universe. So true Universe Spirituality is achieved through being caring. This may sound to simple. But believe me with practicing to be more caring you will open up all secrets of this universe. You will reach powers you can not imagine. Your knowledge will be higher than that of any guru in the world. If you get insights in the deep workings of the universe you will be able to see that this universal caringness is at the root of this universe, but also that it is of a quality that you can not yet understand. So it is not actually being caring that is the perefct behaviour to achieve deep and working spirituality. sunriseNo it is actually practicing your caringness to better match the quality of caringness that the universe has, which you can not understand yet. So matching a form of being caring that the universe has, that is the way to perfection. But the only way to understand this caringness and how to do it which you do not understand yet, the way to do it can only be in being as caring as you understand and can be and from this learn more how it can be done bette. Thats why we say that being caring is the big aspect of working universe spirituality. Because only from this you can practice it to a form that matches the quality of the higher caringness that the universe has. It is a question of practicing. And so I hope you can imagine how much caringness you need if the caringness that you want to learn from this is a much higher caringness.spiritualflowers This way of understanding caringness better day by day, that is the way to perfect universe spirituality or moksha. being caring is also the big aspect of Christianity but I think it is not a surprise that Jesus was very good at universe spirituality. So if you want to really reveal the big secrets of this universe for you and come to the real insights into the deep inner working of everything you have to become “without evil”. That also is a thing of practice and the way to practice this you go day by day and try not to live out the bad wishes that you have inside of you. And I am not speaking about porn is a sin or homosexuality. Those are wrong conceptions about what is bad or sin. If I say to not act out evil wishes then I mean to not live out these momantary wishes that are not the wish to do good to the people and things around you. It is actually easy to understand what is a bad wish: If you for example want to impress a person so that he or she likes you or you could also just try to be nice and caring then the wish to impress the person is of a lower rank because it is always the nice thing to do that is your way to perfection.living universal spirituality So the bad wishes are all the wishes that rank a little lower then being just nice. Everybody has these “evil wishes” all the time that is not the problem for true spirituality of the universe. You can always have evil wishes. But do not live them out. Do not act out your bad wishes. And If you do not act out your bad wishes then they will become weaker. And if you do not live your bad wishes for some time they will disapear inside you. They will just be forgotten inside of you and that leaves more space inside of you for caring wishes. So this is not about condeming old ideas of sin like homosexuality or alcohol or not praying. This is really about striktly dividing your wishes into what is caring and nice and on the other side what do I want because of other reasons. And then dropping as much as possible the other wishes that are not the wish to just be caring.universe spiritual life Because remember it is a higher caringness that you do not understand today which is the actual goal that you want to come to. So from the maximum caringness that you do understand you beginn to day by day understand caringness better. And from living this you understand it then again even better. With this the universe fills you with only caring and nice wishes. And If you only have nice and helpful wishes left you will be perfect in universe spirituality. You will become one with the universe. This is a state that is so great that you can not imagine it. The universe is so much more then we understand. But it is partly understandable to us because the universe is sorted. And we as people coming from the deepest source of the universe want to be caring. This is the wish of the universe inside us. The better you become in being caring the closer you are to the eternal core of this universe. Being only caring is the wish of your inner self. But you must be only nice first for several years to notice that this is your wish. Practice your being caring. Try to be more caring today then you where yesterday. But don’t give everything to other people. You are also a part of this universe and you also need things. So don’t give everything away instead share. Don’t give, share. Practice every minute. Think how can I be caring to the people I meet. Consider what is caring with all your knowledge and your concience. Your conscience is the part in you that the universe gives you to understand the right way. So being caring as your concience wants is a very high way. It is “holy” to be caring. It is the only way of true universe spirituality. You can not see that. To see that, that being caring is the only way to delve into the secrets of this universe you have to be only, and I mean only, caring for several years. Then you will start to see it.

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Living to be only caring will lift you up after some years to an understanding that you did not think to be possible. You will on earth already know deep secrets of this universe. But the only way to get this is to be only caring, nice friendly and respectful. And that as your primary task. Your primary task being: not do anything that is not caring.

Only after some years of living only caring in every minute you can first understand that this is the will of the universe. You can not see it in any other way. But the more you are caring and do it for the universe, the more secrets, deep secrets you will understand. There is no other way. If you want to become one with the universe this is your only way. Try to become only caring. Because that is the true wish of your inner self. You can not see at the moment that being only caring is the true wish of our inner self. Thats why at first we are nice and caring for the universe but then after some years we understand deeply that it is our true wish to be caring. Being nice and loving is the only thing that you really want. And so being only nice is the starting point for your universe spirituality.

Tell yourself every day that the universe overall is perfect. The universe will definitely bring you and everybody to perfection. You are on the perfect way because the universe makes it that you are on the perfect way. So always tell yourself that you are on the perfect way even if you know that you can become more caring. And practice to be better in being caring. You have to become as caring as the universe itself is. But you have time for this. You live forever and in the end you will be perfect. The univese will give you that. Actualy as a part of this universe the universe gives you the wish to be only caring and if you practice this you will get closer to perfection (moksha).

forgive spiritual universe spiritualityTell yourself always that you are on the perfect way because the universe makes everything right. We do not understand why things happen but the universe does. Try to have as little doubt as possible into the high perfection of the universe that we can not yet understand. People die and we ahve diseases and it is difficult to believe that this is good for us but actually, even though we can often not bleieve it,  actually everything that happens only happens to give everybody and everything perfection. And then try to be more caring today then you where yesterday. Try to be only loving, respectful and caring. This will bring you to perfect universe spirituality. This is your only way to live the spirituality of the universe. No other way will work. Only practice every minute to be more caring is the working way in every universe spirituality.

You do not need a certain meditation, healing stones, drugs.. Only practice to be more nice. That is true universe spirituality. Everything else will not get you closer to mastership of this. But being caring and practicing this to become better will over the years make you an absolute master of universe spirituality.

Bad things will happen, you will have problems and diseases and people will die. But with everytime that you try to be only caring you will come a step closer to the perfection of what you really are.

Understand universe spirituality only like this and you will come to all secrets over time.



This article is just a short version of the “basics” that is the online spiritual self development course under spirituality.