What is the will of Allah (Jehovah, Ishvara)

What is the will of Allah, Ishvara or God


-What is the will of Allah or God

Allah, God, Ishvara or Jehova are all names for the same thing, but what is the will of Allah he wants us to do.

You know that you have to do the will of Allah or God(Ishvara, Jehovah). God has many names among humans but of course these names like Islamic Allah, Christian God, the Hinduistic Ishvara and the Judaic Jehovah describe absolutely the same thing. The same is also Dao in Daoism as it is called today, formerly Daoism was called Taoism and the God was called Tao but today they say Dao, Also the same is Troi as they say for God in Vietnam. Some Hindu Religions do not say Ishvara for God, In Hinduism they believe that the formless highest power of the Universe is called Brahman and this force comes into form as three Gods Brahma the one creating in the beginning, Vishnu the one holding things while everything exists and Shiva the one destroying or rearanging the universe at the end. These three Gods together are called the Trimurti, the three forms. So depending on which form of Hinduism people think Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva to be the highest God and they say that their highest God is their Ishvara. But Ishvara can also be the word for God in the typically christian form, so there is also a Hinduist view which calls a highest God Ishvara, and that Ishvara is the creater, holder and destroyer in one person. So we see wherever we come we find a different name for the highest principle. But it is all the same, this universe has only one highest principle no matter how we call it.

But what exactly is the will of Allah. How can we reach closer to Allah. First we have to understand, that Allah is the most powerful thing that exists. He, she or it holds the universe and makes the universe live and makes the universe come to perfection. That is what this thing does, holding making life and bringing everything to perfection. Allah (Jehovah) is already perfect. To do the will of Allah you have to be caring and nice. That is the will of Allah, that you are nice and caring. That can be a little difficult to understand because of questions like: what benefit does he have from this if I am nice? Or questions like is it not important to role out a carpet and pray at the fixed times? Or do i not have to put food in front of a statue to honor this God? So the question is can being caring and nice lead to something that is higher then just the good effects of my caringness? And the answer to this is definitly yes. The goal that you reach with becoming more caring is ultimatly that you reach perfection. That is what Allah wants to give to you. That you have perfection. Because Allah is not a thing that is distnat from this world. Allah is present in the world. You can not see that yet but he holds everything. And so a kind of “magic” perfection, so that you really start to touch things like immortality and living on in other speres, this is possible to reach from here. So you do not have to wait until you die to make steps towards the complete perfection, that Allah is offering to you. All you have to do is to become perfect in being caring. But if you want to get to Allah then it is not enough to be a little caring. You have to be as caring as Allah or God is. But Allah is more caring than you can imagine. So not only Allah is more caring then you are, you can not even understand his caringness, so how on earth could you be as caring as Allah is if you do not even understand what he does. To do this you have to consider that oyu have some time to become as caring as he is. And even if you will never completely succeed to become this caring you can well become more caring day by day. So in your practice you aim for being as caring as God or Allah is himself. Even though you can not really do this, but it helps you to try really everything that you can do. So if you want to come to Allah you have to be as caring as you can be. Because the will of Allah or Jehovah is that you beecome as nice and caring as he/she/it Allah is himself. This is as I said impossible and will always be impossible but yet this is how high you aim and you know that you do not have to be perfect at once. Allah makes the universe and he also makes that things need time to reach higher. And you will reach Allah. Everybody will come to Allah that is a present given by him or her. So you will never become as caring as Allah but you will be given perfection (moksha) and reach perfection. So perfection is being perfectly caring or lets say being very caring. But when I say very caring then I mean a caringness that is close to how caring Allah is. And each time you are caring in a situation you become a little bit more perfect. It is really in the situations if you say: Hey I only want to be caring, do the caring thing, chose that what seems to be the good thing to do. While of course you do not forget to also give some things to yourself and do not forget to trust that the system will altogether end in perfection anyways. So more perfection (moksha) is reachable in this world already. But you will not reach Allah completely in this life. You will need to practice for a few thousand years to become more caring every day. But you will live this long. This present Allah will give to us: that we reach Allah or God the more we are caring and nice. The more caring, friendly and helpful you are the more you will reach Ishvara or Allah. The more bad wishes you do not act out the more these bad wishes will fade away and you will be better you will be filled more and more with caring for everybody and with this you will be closer to Allah and closer to perfection. But you will need many years of trying to be only, really only caring until you feel something of that perfection or beginning (moksha). But when you feel it you will know it was worth it.

JesusBad wishes don’t make you unclean but do not live them and they will fade away and die inside of you. Then you will be more filled with being caring for others and the environment and then you will be closer to Allah.

After this life you will come to another life. But this other life will not be on earth. It will be in another place that is better then earth. And even in this better place you will “die” and then you will come to a place that is even more better(I might be wrong with this, those things are hard to forsee because we lack the ability to understand them yet, so how the future lives will be can just be vaguely described). And this goes on until you are with Allah. After many lifes you will reach Allah. But in all these lifes in better worlds you always have to do the will of Allah. Allah is not a person that lives in this universe Allah or Ishvara is the highest principle, spawning the universe, holding everything in the universe, So coming to Allah means to become something better yourself.

And the will of Allah is that you are caring. And everytime you are caring you learn how you can be more caring. And with this being everyday more caring you will more and more reach Allah or God. You will need thousands of years and many lifes in better places until you come to Allah. But everybody will come to Allah.

Don’t life your wishes that are not-caring and then these wishes will fade. With this you will reach Allah over time.

And always say: Allah makes everything that happens. I am perfect. On the perfect way to Allah or Ishvara. I do everything I can to be only caring. I can not yet be only caring. But I am on the perfect way to Allah. I am on the perfect way.

Give everything to be only caring and tell yourself that you are on the perfect way.

That is what Allah wants. This is the his wish. The will of Allah is that you are only caring and that you have trust that everything that happens will lead everybody to perfection.

will of Allah Will of God, Jehova, Ishvara Berdnardino You don’t have to spread Islam or Hinduism or Christianity or Buddhism. You only have to practice to be more caring, helpful and nice.

And always believe that you are on the perfect way to Allah or Brahma.

Because Allah is like this. Caring and nice. And he/she/it wants you to practice to be only caring.

Never be not caring that is the will of Allah. And with practicing how to be more caring every day you will finally reach Allah.

No matter what religion you have, if you are a moslem, christian, hindu, buddhist, daoist or believer in Nature Religions. Practice to be only caring as much as you can and still tell yourself always that you are on the perfect way.

Being caring won’t help you from troubles in this world but it will lead you to Allah.


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