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Is sex a sin

Is sex a sin, haram or pāpa or is a certain sexual practice a sin or dhanb like e.g. one night stands, homosexuality or anal sex.



Sex is definitely no sin, pāpa or haram if it is consensual and between adult people. From there you can forget all questions like: Do I have to be married to have sex? Is sex with different partners a sin? What about oral sex, gay sex, pornography and so on is this all sin? If you ask yourself how to come to heaven or reach nirvana then sex itself is not the problem. No, those things are all no sins. You have to really understand what sin is if you want to come closer to God, Allah or Ishvara. God or Allah does not punish sins. God or Allah is the system, if you do something that is sin (haram) you are not getting closer to God, Jehovah or as I usually say to perfection. That is what is meant with sin (haram). It is uncaring doings that do not train you to become more caring. Every caring thing that you do practices you in becoming more caring. This if you do it well enough will lead you to Allah or perfection. Being not caring, helpful or loving all this is called sin (haram). You have to stand of from such behaviour because it does not make you come closer to God or Jehovah. Because the more you learn to be caring, the closer you are to Allah or God or your own perfection. If you do not practice to be caring and so do not learn how to be more caring you will not get closer to Allah or God or Dao or Jehovah. That and only that is the only sin (haram) possible. Not trying to be ultimately caring, that and that alone is the only sin (dhanb) possible. So you never ask if oral sex is a sin (pāpa), and if anal sex is then absolutely bad. This is just stupid, God does not work this way. Really you are free to engage in every sexual practice as long as it is caring.


Sex is a thing that can distract others from their wish to be caring


No sexual practice is a sin (pāpa) as long as it does not block somebody from trying to be only caring. Even beastiality as horrible as it sounds is not basicly a sin (pāpa), but the problem with sex with animals is of course that it is hard to tell what the animal wants. Because in this case it is the being caring that the animal does that you have to look out for. But as long as you try to be caring with what you do you will not commit a sin (pāpa). Homosexualtiy, no sin. premarital sex, no sin. One night stands, no sin (pāpa), and that is if you always take care for your possibilities to be only caring and the possibilities to be caring of the person or persons you have this thing together with.

- is sex a sin -You are here only for one purpose, to practice your being caring. That is your way to olam haba or jannah. Being caring is always to help people to be themselves caring. Make it more easy for them to be caring themselves. Because that is what they ultimatly have to do to reach olam haba.

That is also the answer to the question if sex is a sin and when.

People are always distracted. They have problems which draw them of of their actual wish to be only caring. Sex can really keep the thoughts of a person busy. Was it wright? What will the other person expect of me now? Things like that. We can not afford to have thoughts like that to much because they distract us from being caring.

So sex is always a sin if it distracts the person from being caring. For example if you sleep with a person that is in a relationship with somebody else and you do not intend to take the place as the lover of that person you will commit a sin, or in other words be not caring. Because the person will loose its relationship and that will make it difficult for that person to be caring. Because the protection of the relationship will be gone. If you in a club are not shure if sex with a person will cause you or the person problems to be caring afterwards, then you will have to talk to that person. It is not a good idea anyways to have sex with a person but little talk, because a person as a friend is always more worth then sex.

So always check thoroughly if you will be distracted from being caring if you have sex with somebody. And always check thoroughly if that person will be distracted from being caring if he or she sleeps with you or if you have other sexual activities. Because if one of you has more difficulties to be caring after you had the sex then you would block yourself or the other person on the way to jannah or heaven. And blocking yourself or somebody else on the way to jannah is a sin or haram.

Asking yourself if you are not blocking somebody or yourself in his or her way to be caring, that is the only way to decide if a sexual practice is a sin or haram.

Of course the higher level of this exercise is to put caringness over sex in your thinking and acting already. That means not to wish to sleep with people but instead wish to be caring first. Because you just assume that this is gonna make you higher in a cosmical / religious sense. And then in this mode of being caring for a while start to judge if it is good for all to engage in sexual acts. And in very general exclude people that are in relationships with other people. And then you will start not to want sex without thinking anymore, but instead in your thougths you will aim for more important things. And with trying to be caring to other people first over some time you will learn more that this is what your inner self wants.

Being caring will after some time bring you more joy and understanding then sex ever could. So take this chance first and when you have learned some ways there enjoy the sex on top.

If you are not distracting anybody from being caring then sex is no haram or sin at all.

- is sex sinful mountain -You physical lusting body is not a problem for God or Allah. No, no. But put all of love and caringness always first. Very much first. Don’t go into a club to have sex. Go into a club to help people to be caring more easily. For this will unlock all secrets of the universe to you after some time and some serious efford.

Then you will see why this was better then trying to get sex. And you will see after some time that you want to sleep with a smaller number of people then you thought.

Does this sex block caringness, that is the only question.

All other questions about sex and sin or haram are not neccessary. Promiscuous sex is not in itself haram or sin. Sex out of marriage is not in itself dhanb or a sin. Sex with toys is not in itself a sin or pāpa. Sex with beating, if both want it of course, is not pāpa or a sin. Homosexual sex is not dhanb or a sin. Gay marriage is not a sin or pāpa.

Only this: you have to see to it that your practicing to be only caring and the other persons practicing to be only caring will not be hindered by the sex.

And you have to see to it that being caring only is your main purpose in contact with other people and never may the intention to have sex be your main purpose. Because if you meet people with the intention to have sex you will not look after their being caring but instead you will look after having sex. And that will not lead you to perfection (moksha).

Trying to be only caring and believing that God, Ishvara, Jehova, Allah or Tao will definitely bring you to perfection (moksha) eventually, this will bring you to perfection.

- sex is no sin -So once more: questions like: is anal sex a sin, or is oral sex a sin, pāpa or haram are just stupid. Gay sex, promiscuous sex, Sex out of marriage, rough sex, anal sex, oral sex that is all no sin or pāpa as long as it does not block anyone from the people involved from being caring

You are so definitely not going to hell or jahannam or naraka for this as long as you are caring. By the way jahannam, naraka or hell does not exist the way it is portrayed: Does hell exist.

If you think: “well I would wish that somebody wants to sleep with me first before I can decide if it hinders caringness”, then finding your inner self should give you the attractivity boost you are looking for so for this you should read the self development section in the menue or under Spirituality called basics of spirituality.


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