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Sports is important for spirituality

Doing Sports is very important for your spirituality. A basic religion and spirituality practice is sports


Sports is important for spirituality. I really want to tell you this because sport does not directly seem necessary for spirituality but is actually very important for it. You have to do sports. As a being that works with the body we have to get our body fit. This helps to spirituality because the body can do what it needs to do if it is well trained and fit. So just play some dancing music and move around.spirituality religion BabyFox Start a bit slowly and then get heavier with your movements to the music. But always get your back and your spine a little soft before you jump around. We don’t want to push our backbone to hard. You can also do some other sports. But do something sportive. It will help you on your way to God(Brahma, Allah, Dao, Jehovah, Ishvara, The unifying principle) more than you might think.

If you ask yourself now what other you can do if it is not dancing around. If you have 40 minutes maybe you want to go for some ancient asien body fitness exercises with a professional trainer on You Tube. Easy to do and very nice for the body. 40 minutes of Qi Gong.