Is being caring the only way

Is being caring really enough reach heaven or reach nirvana (vaikuntha) or perfection (moksha).


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Why don’t we do justice to the system if we do all that is possible.

This is not the article how to come to heaven or how to reach nirvana (olam haba, jannah, vaikuntha) that article how to reach heaven is under Spirituality and is called “Basics of Advanced Spirituality”. This article here is about if being caring is the only way to reach heaven or if maybe other strategies can get you there. Many people think like this, being caring is a part of this world. And the world also has more parts. So coming to perfection (moksha) can not mean to do only one part of the whole system. To become a master it could be necessary to engage in all parts of things that can be done. Whereas doing only the action of being caring seems stupid and nonsense to them because they feel this strategy might be incomplete as it drops a lot of possibilities of acting and only features one way to act. And those people often speak of doing justice to the system by letting the system lead, and they argue with that the system can not yet be understood and want to say that every option that the system gives you must be cherished just because it is there. So they think that evil acting has a place in the acting you are supposed to do just because it s present and doable in this universe. But this is a wrong idea. Being caring is your only wish and also it is the only way to reach heaven. But we can not see that being caring is the only way to come to heaven. It is that we do not see the complete system that makes it impossible to see that being caring is our only wish. That is the thing here, You do not do justice to the system by doing everything, because you have to consider our own ignorance. It is this ignorance that makes us fail to see that with bad doing we do not get closer to nirvana.The things we want to have in our daily lives like luxuries for example are not the things we really want. And in order to do justice to the system and ultimatly reach heaven you do not have to do everything that is possible. Of course everybody sees that doing all possible things can not be the way to heaven because doing everything would include robbing banks or stealing. And we are of course already knowledged enough to know that those conducts are not making us reach heaven. From our position it is impossible to get a complete view of what are your real wishes and from there understanding the conduct that is neccessary to reach heaven. So in this state of lacking overview you have to construct from your understanding what ultimatly are going to be your highest wishes, and those are the wishes which nearly all humans want in common. And with this you eliminate the factor of not knowing as good as possible because you constructed the best way. You refine the best way out of all possiibilities. And with this way of first thinking what is the right way you then do justice to the system and with this get closer to heaven (vaikuntha). You do not judge the system by what you want to do now, you rather judge the system by what you will want as soon as you are in a better form of being in the future.

It is true,heaven we do not understand the higher things. We do not understand the things that are really making this world the way it is. There are very high things that we do not understand. But very important to understand is that we are connected to the complete universe. So the higher things make everything and the higher things also make us. So we are not single units inside the universe. Many people have the wrong conception that they would be units, single independent entities in this world. And then they think that higher things are somewhere to be reached. But this is an all wrong conception. We are not independent entities. We are connected to the higher things in a way that the higher things completely make that what we are. What you see in what you are is not yourself in this universe, what you see in you is yourself made from the universe or Jehovah (Dao). To use an image: As usual with images they do not really match the reality. But to use this image: What you notice about your being and what you think you are is just the tip, the front end of your complete universal being but the base of your being roots in the higher things of the universe. So reaching perfection (moksha) does not mean to go somewhere, it is rather to become something. You may not underestimate your connection with the higher things. And you may not underestimate that the higher things are higher. So if we want to come to the higher things we have to understand that the higher things are already a part of us, the higher things are even the more important part of us, the base of us, while the tip is that what you think you are, but base and tip together are what you really are. So we go from understanding just the tip of our being to understanding base and tip of our being. Again: So what we think what we are is just the tip of what we are and we often think that we are seperated from the universe, that we are independent small entities in a big universe.peach But this is not true. What we think to be our complete self is just the tip of what we really are in this universe. So we are much bigger then what we notice of our self. And the rest, the base of us is much “bigger” then the tip. And this base of us is connected to the highest things in this universe. So actually we are already connected to the highest things in the universe. Our base is connected. And we have to understand that our being and our decisions in the tip are not independent of our base. The truth is that our highest wishes come from our base. From its connection to the Universe or Jehova, from this connection comes the wish to be caring and in our tip this wish is distorted to become the plurality of material wishes or sexual wishes or wishes of high position in society. Those are not our real wishes. Our real wish that comes from the universe directly into us is to be caring, the other wishes are not our main wish. And we have to live out our main wish to come closer to nirvana (jannah)

Another big confusionnirvana djannah comes from older human rules of spirituality. For example to think that having a one night stand, sex with a person only for one night without partner relationship is against Jehovah. But only what is not caring is against our base and against Dao. So with these rules about sex we have a set of older and inaccurate church or christian or islamic rules. Or some might think that homosexuality is a sin also because of old and wrong christian rules or islamic rules of religion. And so they feel that the idea that homosexuality is haram or sin or papa(as sin is called in Hinduism) is a wrong conception. And they somehow derive from that, that being caring can not be all that you have to do, because they say a one night stand is not uncaring. But it is just the point that these rules were wrong or rather very inaccurate that means these rules are giving a general idea and that was good but they are not precise enough. They do not define precisely what is caring but rather warn in a very general way of fields that are potentially dangerous to your being caring, which one night stands for example truly are. But that does not mean that a one night stand is generally a sin. And if one rule is wrong, this does not mean that there are no right rules. These sex or sexual rules about one night stands and homosexuality for example are not directly connected to caringness. You might be homosexual and caring and you might be homosexual and not caring. But that these rules fall away at a closer look because they are not precise enough does not mean that all rules fall away. There are rules that you have to follow to reach olam haba (vaikuntha).

Of course this rule that a one night stand is a sin or haram comes from the idea to try to define a large-area rule that you can walk savely because one night stands can be problematic. A one night stand sex is not in itself a sin (dhanb), but it can give you problems, thats why people just took it out completely. To read more about the possible problems of one night stands this is in an own spiritual article on this page: Is sex a sin.

So it isvaikuntha olam haba intelligent to check old religious rules if they are true. But it is not intelligent to stop on your way of becoming more caring, just because one person told you a wrong rule of religion.

And it is also not intelligent to say we can not know the right way for shure and therefore should go on ways that we consider to be not good. Of course it is our duty to go on ways that we consider to be good. That is the best way to eliminate the factor of our partly ignorance. We do not know exactly the way, but we feel some needs of being caring and looking for love very strongly. This is our method of “seeing” the right way.

So you will only do justice to the system if you consider what will be your highest wish that you will first see once you you reached a higher form of being, and this whish is being caring to you and everybody. And trust that everybody will reach perfection (moksha) over time. With this following the true wish you do justice to the system and ultimatly reach heaven. If you follow all your small earthly wishes you will not do justice to the system, because you do not eliminate the problem that arises from our ignorance. If you do everything you wish for you might do as many right things as you do wrong things. This can not be the way to perfection. So consider what is the right way, what is that you really want to become. Living the universal wish, that is doing justice to the system. And with this you reach heaven over time

You do not have to imitate the calmness of a monk. Give the world what is normal. Scream if somebody is unjust. You are preparing to be a keeper of what is good in the universe. It is not about abandoning all reality. It is about being real towards our real wish which is being caring.