Spiritual meditation techniques. The body forms

Spiritual meditation practice techniques and exercises

Make sure you have first watched the introduction medtitation video here.

Lets have a look at spiritual meditation practice now. We will talk about one technique specifically now. And that is the basic technique of understanding that in spiritual meditation the movements and movements of your thoughts can not be constructed with your thoughts. in spiritual meditation practice the better movement must always be experienced. There is no technique to invent better movements before you do them. So you will find techniques of movement by accident and then you repeat them. that is the way you do it in spiritual meditation. See the movement accidentally and from there repeat it.

We understand life as theJesus thing that we see. What we see in life in what we are and what others are. What the world is, this all is what we understand of the world. This is what we think the world is. And so we act according to the world. We have an idea of what can be achieved in this world. For example if we try to imagine what we can become through meditation. We imagine somebody very meditated, calm or relaxed. And when we think of somebody who is of very high spirituality we might figure that he or she is also somehow calm and relaxed. But this is not like what we want to achieve so much because we think I can be calm myself and I do not need spirituality for that. But it is a misconception that somebody who excels in meditation or spirituality or religion only gets calm. Others hope that they will come to heaven (jannah, olam haba) through religon and spirituality. So they do not care to much what they are today because they think if I am always nice i will come to jannah (vaikuntha) lateron. Well this is partly true of course but we have to take a closer look at this conception. We are seeing only a small part of this world. So that also means that what we see of the world is not all of it. So if we describe the world we live in, we describe only the part that we “see”. If we describe what we think can be achieved through meditation then we think of it inside of our own world. So if we think what can be achieved through proper and true religion we always keep the thought realistic. And thats why we think that spirituality can only make you relaxed and then if you die you go to  jannah (nirvana, vaikuntha). But true religion, right spiritual practice is just about that, transcending the borders. That means that the bigger world of which we only see and understand a small part does exist.kuangsif alls And in this bigger complete world that lies around us there are more possibilities. We are in this bigger world we only do not see that. What we see is a part of a bigger world but we understand this part of the bigger world, the “world” that we can see as our world. That means you see and understand the world and that is great, but actually the world is much bigger. Understanding the world is the right thing to do but we have to keep in mind that spirituality is about seeing the bigger world. And spirituality and religion also is about moving in this bigger world. So spirituality is not about moving in another world. Spirituality and religion is about moving in this world but understanding more of this world. And since the world is bigger and we see only what we see as our world still the rules of the bigger world work here in this small part of the bigger world. So what we really can achieve is not measured by the rules of our world it is of course measured by the rules of the complete world. So in spirituality or true religion there can be achieved more than you think is possible. But it also means that what you have to do to come to perfection (moksha) and understanding and later to move in the bigger world, this acting that you have to do to see all this must be directed towards parts of this bigger world that you do not know, and even worse your acting must bring you into a direction of parts of this bigger world that you can not understand today, right because they are parts of the bigger world. So we are trying to see something that can not be understood before we see it. So the question is how to search for something that you can neither see nor understand until you find it.

Because of all this we have to adjust our behavior. Since we want to get far with our spirituality meditation practice we usually want to keep up practicing it over the day. So we do not want to sit down and practice techniques. What we want to do is learn to adjust our casual behavior in order to make it fruitful in reaching higher. Now as I often repeated: It is a bit illogical to work with a techniqe that uses our body movement to reach higher and at the same time know that physical movement is not at all neccessary to reach highter. But this is again one of the illogical things that we will understand completely at a later stage when we reached higher. So for now we just do both. We understand that any body movement or movement of the thoughts is not neccessary and yet we do practice to do both these things better.

Now our behavior has to be directed at that we come into a form that is something that we can not imagine.basic practice religion Because just as the higher world around this world is something that we do not understand with this also the form you have to be to touch this higher parts of the world is something that you can not at all understand. So it is impossible to try to be what you have to be to touch the higher world. It is impossible to reach better body forms for yourself by focusing on forms that you develope in your mind. You can not construct the better form because you only construct things inside your understanding. And we are looking to be in forms that are yet outside of our understanding. Whatever form you give yourself actively it is always not good enough because you construct it from limited knowledge. But what do I mean with form? Give yourself a form means that you actively try to stand in a certain way, to move and so make body forms according to certain rules, to actively give yourself the right biotransmitters, to hold your muscels in the right way also the muscels on the head hold your thoughts and also form the way you use your thinking and with all these trying to be in a good form and also always trust that you can not mess these things up.This is the most basic aspect of giving your body and yourself a good form and with that it is one of the basic spiritual meditation practice techniques. You can read more about body movement in meditation and in spiritual meditation in the introduction to meditation in the chapter meditation under advanced spirituality. There is a link to this at the end of this article. Of course we notice that in addition whatever spiritual meditation practice techniques we use we will also need to drink enough, do sports and watch what we eat if it is healthy, like more vegetables less sweets.

Because our world is a small part of the real world. We can one the one hand assume that physical form is a valid criteria for good form of being.good form But on the other hand we can also assume that this is not at all true. In a world that actually goes far beyond what we consider to be the world the real action goes above body form. And also above all form of thoughts. So that means that the highest form is something that is different to physical body form. You can be this higher form, but we have no word for it. We do not understand how exactly you have to be to be in the right form. So we have to consider body-form, thought-form and a type of form that we can not name or see. So the higher things are not only dependent on body form or form of thoughts. They are of a category that is above body form. Thats why you will not reach everything with body form or the form of your thoughts. We are trying to score in categories which we can not even define. That can give us a certain relaxedness in thinking about our form, because real spirituality even goes above form. and it also shows that training body forms is not the way to complete truth in spiritual meditation.

And again we see how much preconstruction of forms is nonsens. Imagining a good form and then trying to be it will not work properly. This must fail because we are trying to construct things in a field that we do not understand.

So what do we do then. I said in the basic spirituality course that we are made from the same source out of which the whole universe comes from. This highest force that creates and holds the universe that I call God and others might call Allah, Ishvara, Jehova, Dao or the Universe. so we come from the highest force, we are made and hold up by the highest force. So we feel the wish to live what this force wants us to do. I said living this what the highest force wants us to do is the way to go to perfection (moksha). And this now is our way to try to be something that we can not understand now. Because being caring is the deepest wish you have. Actually it is your only wish but we fail to see this. So actively lifting being caring up to be your only wish makes you come to perfect form. You can not construct better body form and then be it you can not construct better thought form and then be it and you can not construct the type of form that is above body form and that we can not see.develope better spirituality But if you follow what is inside of you as the highest wish to be caring to everybody and ourself, and you push that wish actively to live only by that wish and ignore minor wishes, then with this you will come into the better forms. With making being caring your only wish and trusting that you will go to perfection (moksha) anyway you will step by step come into better body forms even if you do not try this actively. And you will come step by step into better forms of this type of form that is over body form. That makes being caring so worthy, it is the way to come to better forms that you can not costruct. You can not at all construct forms or develope forms and then be them, but with being caring you come to be in better forms automatically. Everytime you notice that you have come to better form you will also understand the form you are in then. From this point you can remember the form and hold it up or repeat it. so with more knowledge you will know how to better move in forms that make you be closer to the higher things, but if you want to develope better forms, no matter how good you already know about forms, if you want to develope better forms you have to be caring again. Only this will lead you to better forms for better form is unconstructible in advance because the better form is always unconcievable. That means before you know it you can not construct it. You can only be nice with all your understanding and with this development you then come into better forms automaticly. So our only way to perfection (moksha) lies in being more caring. Developing our caringness from day to day by always trying to be more nice and caring. To everyone, and ourselves so that you do not forget yourself and that you also need things, and always with trust in the highest force, that everybody will reach perfection (moksha) at some time.

So perfect knights codex in being caring is the only thing that points towards a perfection (moksha) that we can not yet see. With this doing the things that you can achieve lie in the boundaries of the bigger world.


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