Way to reach moksha

Spiritual articles: The right way to understand spiritual knowledge while reaching moksha


Lets reach mokshatalk about an important aspect of reaching moksha that becomes important the more you reach closer to moksha. Spirituality does in most cases not offer hard facts. Like that you could say: Something is in this way and not in any other way. Things like these, such definite facts are not something that we try to have in religion. The point is basicly that religion as about reaching things that we have not yet reached. Defining what you will get before you get it is just not the way it works. Spirituality is about learning things more and more. And the things that we are going to in “higher realities” are better then what we know today. So not only is it not a good idea to try to defne things that are of a higher nature. Because higher nature means that the things to come are of a nature different to our nature, so they are not at all understandable in our terms and definitions. But another thing that goes together with not efining things to strictly is not to make yourself nervous about the right thing to do. Lets use an example. If you want to go somwhere then it is important to walk the right road. But it is not important to define exactly how much right or left you walk in the road or if it is better to crawl or run or leap or whatever. So in spirituality in one way you are to be precise and do things accurate, but not overdoing this is also important.spiritual articles One one hand there are questions in christianity like for example was the mother of Jesus really a virgin or not. This of course is a question that does not become fruitful for your activly lived spirituality. It just does not matter in terms of what you have to do. Butquestions like thes are actually not what I mean in this article with difficulty to understand things. What I mean here is that understanding of the higher things comes gradually the more you are caring. And with gradual more understanding of “higher things” and with this reaching closer to moksha (perfection) there must necessarily come a kind of training. The more you get into these things the more you as a person who becomes a “specialist of the higher things” do things automaticly. If you experience knowledge that surpasses the knowledge that you had before then with this also comes a new way to think things. Getting coser to a higher form of being must come with a sort of getting a better intuition of how to do things. Like somebody who makes movies since years will do some things right without knowing why he does them. And so you will experience some knowlege of how to do things right that is not explainable in the words you used before. You will get to know things which can not be described. And you will with this develop forms of being and behaving that you experience as being good and useful.reaching And that is indeed a good thing. This is becomming a practioneer. But this also holds a danger and that is the danger of getting stuck and keep repeating the things that you have learned. This is especially tempting because the things you have learned in ways of moving, being and behaving are above what you did before. So with trying to be only caring you automatically learn to “be” in other ways. And that will bring good feelings because it is the right thing to do. But it is important to make clear for yourself that whatever you have learned does not match the truth about the higher form of being. It is true and good but it is not yet perfect however far to having moksha you came with your exercises. The higer things are always better then what you have reached. So it is necessary to do both things. On the one hand use the ways that you have learned and “be” in these new and better ways. Trust that those ways are good. But on the other hand it is necessary to always estimate anew what is caring and what not. Because the higher things can not be described or forseen. And in doing what is caring you make steps towards the higher things but you can not understand whyAustralia these are steps towards the higher things. Because what actually happens when you do caring things is something that lies far above what we can understand. There are many things that happen when you are caring that are important for coming forward but which we do not understand. So with trying to be caring from the position of already having learned “higher secrets” you do the being caring better automatically. So deciding what is caring and then doing this is much better then only using the ways that you have experienced so far. You must keep this in mind whie you try to reach moksha. What I mean is lets imagin that you have so much developed that you are in touch with the higher things. Lets say you really live in the world of the higher things. And with this you are able to perform things that by far surpass what we usually can do. So lets assume that you have become a supernatural spiritual master. Then you will do some things intuitively and that is of course good, because you have learned these things in your practicing and you know that they are good. But even then it is important to judge in every situation and overall what is caring and then act this out. Because even from the point of high spiritual mastery there will always be a lot of things in being caring that bring you further wich you can not understand even as a high master. So far go the things that we do not know. So it is important to understand that complete understanding is not necessary to still go on the right path. And it is important to understand that full understandingmountains is not there however high you have come on your way toward moksha. So even the highest spiritual master is advised not solely to trust in what he has learned but instead to consider being caring the thing that he or she has to do. Because this will always have cosmical effects that you can in no way understand. Being caring always goes above action and behaviour that you experienced as being working.



If we want to come to God or reach Allah we take things slowly. What we learn in terms of “being” is always still very very far from the perfect knowledge and being. Since we can say God or the system is always higher then what we know. So on our way to reach nirvana or heaven (jannah) we behave towards what we learn as if we where in a very low class of school.

So this is important for our true religion. Spiritual information, lets say secrets you discover about the higher things and new ways of being are not necessarily wrong. So there is higher knowledge that you get on your way to moksha when you come closer to God or reach Allah more and more. But we do not build our behaviour only on behaviour that we have learned in our practice. To consider waht is caring must stay something that we do.

A veryreaching africa important point is to understand in reaching nirvana or coming to heaven (nirvana) is that it is not so that the truth does not exist. The truth is there, there is a truth. but we do not understand it. And that we do not understand it is because of the limited knowledge that we have now and always will have. We just do not see the whole picture. Like for example when I say king Karl the Great lived about 1200 years ago. That this king was there 1200 years ago It is a good true and proper piece of information and yet you can say nothing about the epoche, the time period. You know nothing even though you know the truth.

This is how we treat new pieces of “spiritual knowledge” that we get on our way to reaching heaven (vaikuntha). It is nice that we find these pieces of information on our way to reach nirvana. They are great and we live by them and use them but in the way I just said they are not the complete truth. The information we gather is always quite basic information. So we use it, but we trust that there is more.

And very important is that, we do not give up on getting information. The truth is there and the knowledge about how to be caring and how to behave that you aquire today describes the right track of you going towards perfection (moksha) or coming closer to God or Ishvara. So it is the right attitude while you try to reach heaven (olam haba) that we accept that we constantly get more information over time. And with information I still mean getting used to and learn new ways of “cosmical being”. It is through higher knowledge and higher being that you come closer to perfection (moksha) or come closer to Allah, Ishvara or Jehovah, but yet we have to relax and take this state of learning information day by day, in this field of reaching nirvana as something good and consider that this state of constantly learning will stay.

So we relax. We know that we will progress in the way we are and in what we are. But we do not haste it. And the most important thing is that we know that we will not understand completely the effect that being caring has.


We will never understand everything perfectly even if you have come very far already on your way to moksha. Let this happen. If this would be a problem for us then it would not be like this.


There is many things that we do not understand. There are by far more things that we do not understand then we usually believe. Really this is not a problem.

I don't understand spirituality

Many things are just impossible to understand for us yet. And some we might never understand even if we have reached moksha. But we will always understand more as we progress. This is just completely normal.


spiritual waterfallNow comes the trusting in God or Allah or Ishvara or the Universe again. About which you can read in the previous chapters.That we do not have all information and so can not say to much about our being, that same case causes that we do not understand why things are happening. The answer to all our questions is: We do not understand yet. Why does God allow war, answer: we do not understand yet, but shure we have to fight war and that means fighting the beginnings of it which are: not sharing ressources. We have to fight war because this is obviously caring. Or vice versa: making war and being unfair with ressources is obviously uncaring and therefore has to be avoided to reach spiritual perfection (moksha) or nirvana (heaven, jannah) fast. Or at least come to more understanding of higher things fast.

holyWhy are we living in seemingly one life only, the answer is: we do not know yet. So understanding that we simply do not understand yet gives our life a new view towards the universal secrets. They are not in some way frustratingly hidden. Not at all, all secrets lay plainly before us and we will come to know all of them on our way to heaven (jannah), but it will take time. And the reason why it will take time is also among the things that we do not know yet.

So we relax and do not ask ourselves some questions but rather go on learning new stuff by being caring. And this is how we treat higher knowledge: True but not the whole picture. And if this is true for things that you have experienced in terms of “higher forms of being” that you came to. If even this is not taken as the complete truth, then you can imagine how little we then care about some older religious believes. If even high spiritual knowledge that came to you is still considered as not the complete truth and we always stick to being caring instead of just living with the newly gained knowledge. The guesswork information like: Jesus was born by a virgin, or Krishna was colored blue do play no role at all in our spiritual search.

reachBut yet we are grateful every day if possible, that we are a part of this whole strive. Even in our seemingly ignorant position. Because this ignorance will vanish over time as we get closer to God or Brahma. We will constantly learn more.

And this is a basic technique of advanced spirituality. Thats why I am talking about it here. This relaxed “expecting more” attitude towards the things and the knowledge. This can give you the right mindedness to go to advanced spirituality. So keep the “ok. I can not know” attitude a little bit. And you see what I mean with a little bit, because even this information on how to treat information will sink into a certain ununderstandability just as every other information. So don’t be to hard on you or others in spirituality because of the higher things that you do not know yet. And the things that you do not know can make the whole picture different.

IshvaraI say that what you know is not what things are like. And yet what we know is the truth. But with this I did not mean that we understand the truth but do not have the full picture as I said. What I mean with this is both things are true, we do not understand and we do understand, but the point is we do not understand why this is so and how this can be that two opposing things are true. And I want to say here that we lack so much of the knowledge that we have to accept such effects, that things can be true and not true at the same time, without having the chance to understand them right now. We do not even understand the logic of the higher things in which two opposing things can be true. This is what this article was about, we do absolutely not get the whole picture and therefore we lack important higher understanding which is present in the universe and part of the truth but we just do not understand some of these true things today. And still we live and get closer to Allah and it is good. And this all, this relaxedness in treating our own ignorance in some points is one base of advanced spirituality. About how to sort the information that we get on our way to reach heaven or perfection (moksha) or nirvana (vaikuntha).

Because it shows us that we never become free of the need to be caring in order to reach higher things. However high you have become in being a spiritual master: being caring is always the way to be on and you will not understand why this is so.