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Really deeply understand modern movies and art with long videos

What does postmodern mean. Explain what postmodern means in art. We will understand the though system behind modern art creation as it is taught in universities or colleges today. Really understanding what this all means takes some time. So I prepared some videos in which I am just giving a lecture about posmodern art. So you can understand postmodernism in detail.

If you really want to understand Art, Theater and movies as they are done today. You need long vides.

Postmodernism dropping the meaning and using the immediate being of the things in theater and postmodern movies

We will see in this lecture why James Bond Casino Royal is not story based andymore

We will understand techniques that are majorly imprtant that arise from postmodern thinking about art.


Postmodern art destruction language and systems of meaning in postmodern movies and theater

In this lecture about postmodern art we will see why the movie Jurassic world is done the way it is done

Again we will understand most important theoretical approches in postmodernist art and theater.


Postmodernist thoughts about objects, space and materialistic theater

In this lecture we will talk about object, materiality and space in postmodern art


Describing the meaning of something in words does not actually reflect the meaning of a thing. Actually the words are an aditional thing while the described object has an effect that outmatches any verbal description.

From The theater of the sixties and the famous theoretican Antonin Artaud we come to the postmodern movie James Bond Casino Royal. And we will see that this movies intention is not story based anymore.

It takes 45 minutes of listening but afterwards you will understand one of the really important aspects of postmodern movie and art creatan which is making art become more then a verbal description can offer.

Postmodern thinking means understanding the things for what they are and not for their description and this has a really big impact on modern film as you will see in this video.

Video 1: Theater and movies becoming more then their description in words.

Video2: Sytems of meaning are destroyed.

Video 3: Space, materiality and Object in postmodern thinking.