Learning Meditation. Spiritual Meditation Example

Is naked sunbathing sin, are ego shooter games a sin. What are the things I really have to avoid. Careful spiritual meditation

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spiritual meditation

Ego shooter games are not a sin or sinful. They are rather a strong biological meditation.

We are confused in the way what things we like and what things we do not like. So it sometimes happens that we have fun with things that are not fun at all. Like seeing a fight for example. Seeing a fight sometimes seems like a source of fun. While actually it is not. Seeing a fight can be a source of waking you up and push you to give your best, but it is usually not a source of fun. So everytime you seem to enjoy something that you think you should not enjoy, you are probably experiencing a wrong joy. But take care here, if you think sex or porn is a sin but you enjoy it then you are mistaken. You enjoy pornography or sex because it can be a source of joy. What I am talking about is feeling joy in definitely uncaring things like hitting a person. or seeing somebody being hit. Again I am not talking about joyful sexual acts that involve beating, this is not a problem or a sin. I talk about the real act of beating someone or angering someone or in any way attacking someone. This can be a source of joy, while it actually can not be a source of joy, for real joy you actually feel because you are living caringly and so towards God or Allah. Living towards Allah or Jehova in being as caring as you can be carries you into states that are closer to Allah or Jehova. And from this coming to states that are closer to Jehova or Brahma you will feel joy. This is the real joy, every other joy is not so much real joy. So whenever you experience joy from a definitely uncaring thing try not to feel joy with this. This is a basic exercise to lower the level of joy that you get from wrong things. But be careful, not everything is really evil. If you play ego-shooter games and feel joy with this, then this is not a problem. You are not actually hurting someone. And also the joy you feel might really come from the idea of killing people but yet we have to consider that this could be a deep imprint in us that makes us biologically stronger. We might enjoy killing by nature to ensure that we kill to survive. So computergames or violent movies or violent songs I think to be a cultural form of coping with strong biological feelings in order to control them.

But If you watch wherespiritual forest your joy comes from and do not directly blame everything then eventually at some point you will find one or two things where your joy really seems to come from a source that you can not appreciate. Then it is time to try not to enjoy what is happening. Just tell yourself: I do not really enjoy this, I do not want to enjoy this, I do not enjoy this.

This will be a practice that leads you over time to a point were you really do not enjoy these things anymore.

So do not blame everything. Most things have a good reason. But look for the point where you are enjoying things of which you are shure that you do not really enjoy them. and then say: I can not enjoy this because it is not caring. In God or Ishvara it is impossible that this could ever be a source of joy. I do not enjoy this. And this simple practice of speaking to yourself this way will train you. And over time you will not enjoy these things anymore. But understand that many things you enjoy you do enjoy for a good reason. Most of the things that many people enjoy are very justified and good for us. That is very important. You may not understand why somebody runs along the beach naked.Or you might not understand why some people like rough sex instead of cosy sex. But this is all not against our good spiritual practice. This is just taking your wishes serious because we do not understand why we need some things. For some things that we definitely need the explanation lies so deep inside us that we can not see it, We just feel that we need something. To follow these wishes is proper acting. That is good practice. So consider that most things that we do enjoy are very useful even if some people say that they are sins. This is not true then. But under all these things that seem strange but are good for something that you can not really see very well, under all these things that seem strange some are strange. So those things exist, but there are just a few.


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