The best state of mind

What is the state of mind you have to be in meditation to go towards perfection (moksha) or come to heaven


This is a meditation and a basic spiritual practice. What is the state of mind for good forthcoming in religion. How do I have to be in terms of spiritual meditation. Some think that you have to repeat the syllable Om for a long time to get closer to God, Allah, Ishvara, Dao or Jehova. Well everything that has to do with reaching a smaller state of mind is not good. Everything where you use only a portion of your mind is not good. So think like that: Everything is ok. So everything that happens. That means I today in the state of not knowing what actually is going on, this is part of the way to perfection. Dao makes this and he knows what he does. What is happening is the only and fastest way to perfection for everybody. Even the moment now in which I feel that nothing is moving is a moment on the way to perfection.

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Topic what is the perfect state of mind for spiritual meditation practice and religionThe principle of a loving God or Allah is real even if I can not see it. The world and everybody is going to perfection. I and my friends are going to live forever and everybody will reach perfection or heaven as christians call it. Or Nirvana in Buddhism. Jannah in Islam. Vaikuntha in Hinduism.

Be calm, everybody is absolutely save. This is a good start for your meditation. It is a good base for further spiritual practice. And then we go on like this: Now get together what you have learned about being nice and caring. Remember all the things necessary to be caring: Respect for other people and also respect for nature. Modesty, the Idea of not demanding as much as you can for yourself. Listening to the problems of others. Being there for others with support and good advice. Smiling. Giving people the feeling of being loved and liked. Being ready to work to make things work. Seing the people and you as a group that works together.

You see there is a whole bunch of things that we learn early on that are parts of being caring.

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Understanding things commonly is a good state of mind for spiritual practice and meditation.

So the way to perfection (moksha) lies in no other things then these. Even though Dao is much higher then we understand, still the way to perfection (moksha) is exactly in the named things.

So if you want to go to perfection (moksha) fast and get to see some more of the universal secrets. Then you have to do just the things you learned all your life that are part of the theme “being caring and nice”.

Whatever some religious practice or spiritual practice talks about. it is just in doing the named things that make you perfect. It is being caring in the most common and usual sense. If you try to become perfect in this then the secrets of the universe will be revealed to you over time.

It can be difficult to believe that there should not be something else to do to reach perfection (moksha). Like a body exercise of certain movement, or sitting still in meditation or going to the temple and pray. But it is true, only practicing to be more caring and understanding this being caring in a terribly normal way is what makes you perfect. That is one of the biggest secrets. And it is absolutely true.

As I said before, you will not manage to be caring enough if you do not accept the existence of a caring God or a caring Allah or whatever you want to call it. And you will not be able to be caring enough if you do not exept that everything is sensefully going to a good state. So these basics of believe will be necessary to progress fast. God or Troi exists and is caring and everything is definitely going to perfection (moksha).

But from there it is only caringness in the most common way that makes you perfect. Try to be nothing that is not caring. Do not give everything that you have because you may not forget yourself. Share with the people and you. Keep it reasonable. And calculate the future results of what you do and take them into account when you consider what is the most caring thing to do.

jesus light religious meditationAnd so try to be as caring as you can be in the common definition of the word caringness. And use all power you get from that to try to be more caring nice and helpful the next day. And to this always believe that everything is happening only to get us to perfection (moksha). And we will definitely go to perfection. And perfection (moksha) is being perfectly caring.

So with the common understanding of caringness towards humans, animals and nature. With practicing what is given to you with this common understanding you go towards perfection (moksha).

So the state you have to be in to do this is like thoughtful, intelligent, open minded, allover just normal. The usual way of being. So if you step into a church or a temple or a mosque with this way of thinking you do it right. Just your normal thinking, this is the perfect thinking for religion. Honor this way of thinking. It is your best base for reaching perfection (moksha).

Going to chuch, temple or mosque and try to be mesmerized by music and solemn feelings is not the true way. But being a little mesmerized is all not to critical if you try to stay aware of your usual thinking. I always say try your best but do never condemn yourself to hard for things you do wrong. And so stay true to normal society rules. This will show you the way to what is perfect. The absolutely common and normal society way of being caring loving and helpful and from there trying to be perfect in doing this. That is your way to perfection. Try to be only this and always believe that you are on the perfect way to Allah or Brahma.


So it is being caring the way we usually understand it that will bring you to perfection.and it is the normal state of mind that is the best meditated state of mind. So good meditation is not coming into a mood that is far from your normal ways of thinking. That is an illusion about meditation. Good meditated states are good normal thinking states. The actual truth you do not really understand your state of mind. Because we are more then we seem to be actually your state of being is never what you think to be your state of mind in the moment. Thats why we take things slowly. We arrange ourselves with the fact that we do not know very much. We stay relaxed with some ignorance towards the higher things that we have. And we say the normal state of mind is the best state of mind for spirituaility and to come to God or to reach Ishvara.