“if you lust after a woman” Matthew 5:27

Jesus word not to lust after a woman in the Bible, but what does he really mean.


In the Bible there is this “don’t lust after married women” sentence that is cited everytime somebody wants to prove that porn is a sin or to say that lust and sex in general is a problem for good religion. Well, I say porn is no sin. So what does this sentence from Jesus then actually say.

27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery. 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

Well see. You have to try to be perfect. And you have to understand this being perfect according to the world. So even though God or Jehovah wil not care to much for banking you still may not rob a bank. That means the things that are true in your direct environment are the way you have to understand what you have to do, even though you are trying to come closer to God or Dao. Even though God, Brahma is something much higher then our world is you still only have to behave caring to the things in this world to reach God or Brahma.

- lust after a woman -From this point of view it gets clear what Jesus meant here. All other man or women on this planet are your friends in Allah even if they should not know this themselves. You have to protect them you have to care for them. So what if your friend honestly gives everything that he can for his life partner and you would sleep with this partner even though you would not give everything that you can, to make this person happy. That is not nice towards your friend. And it is also not nice to the person you sleep with because he or she will loose the base of trust that is the base of their relationship. In Dao or God all people are your friends even those people who attack you now because they do not realize this. So even a couple of complete strangers are both friends of yours whose relation you will probably destroy if you sleep with one.

So if you want to reach perfection (moksha) by trying to be as caring as you can be, you can not sleep with somebody who is in a relationship because you take away something that is good for them.

So if you want to reach perfection (moksha) you are not to sleep with people in relationships. And as you can easily see, the state of lusting after this person in a relationship is also something that is not trying to care for their relationship. You have to understand here that if you are caring God or Allah will give you the higher things. The things that you really want. So you have to trust in this and convince yourself that sleeping with this person or being a couple with this person is not as good as if Allah or Troi gives you the higher things. And so lusting or dreaming of this person in a relationship is convincing yourself that you need this thing more then being caring. But the truth is what you really need is being caring. Then you will be given the higher things, the more you learn how to be caring.

That is it what Jesus means when he says in Matthew 5:27 you shall not only not sleep with persons in relationships, but you also shall not lust for people in relationships. This sentence is only about adultery. It is against sleeping with people who are in relationships. It does not at all say that lust is a bad thing. No, Understand yourself as the biological lusting thing that you are that was made by God. This lust in you is great, it is something vital and biological. Lust is good. But you may never put it before being caring. But as long as you take caring always more important then your lust, then really enjoy your lusting. Honestly it is a gift from Allah or Ishvara. So if you “want” a person always ask yourself if what you do would hinder this person in being caring. Because being more caring is what everybody must reach.

Destroying a good relationship for example will hinder the person from being caring easily. And there are also a lot of other things that can hinder a person to be caring easily. And if you hinder a person in being caring if you sleep with this person then you may not do it if you want to come closer to being more caring.

What Jehovah or Dao gives you if you try to be only caring as good as you can and always believe that you are on the right way to God, what God or The Universe gives you then is much much better then sex or drugs or money or anything. You could die before you get it but still you will be given higher things after some time if you try to be only caring. And these higher things are not that no bad things happen to you in life. This will always happen. The higher things are made of real understanding and much more good joy and a developement of yourself to more potential. And I striktly advise you to try to be only caring. And with this develope your techniques of being caring and develope your understanding of what is more caring. And additional to this always believe that you are on the perfect way in God or Allah or Dao.

And in order to reach the full potential keep it clear in your mind that you want to be only caring. And do not think that what you want is a red sports car or this special person in a relationship. Only believe that you want to be caring. Which is true. And the person you lust for can not give you as much as if you are caring enough and through making this clear for you you will after a while then be able to see it that you not want this person and understand that this is really the better way. But you will only understand this if after a while when you understand some more of the higher things because you have learned to be more nice. With understanding the higher things better you understand their high worth and that those higher things are the things you really actually want. So in the act of making clear for yourself that being caring is always more important then having a special person as your life partner lies the way to be caring instead of yearning for another person. And with this opportunity to be caring you learn more and then go to really seeing it after a while that being caring brings you more benefit then the other person could give you. So you have to trust that you actually not want this person as much as you want to be caring without feeling it completely. Of course another person can be a great boost for your strength in being caring. And loving somebody in a working relationship is also really great for your strenght of being caring. So think of these things in terms of: which thoughts bring you the best base for being caring. And thoughts like: “I have to destroy his or her relationship so that he or she has time for me” are of course not giving you a good base for being caring. Also thoughts like: “I can not be caring without him or her” give you a bad starting position for living your being caring. While thoughts like: “I do not really need her or him. What I really need is being caring” of course give you a much better base to be caring.

That is why Jesus mentions this. It is this idea of having a good starting base to be caring. And also it is the idea of already being in a good state through the things you generally persue or not persue.Try to be perfect, do not even lust for people in relationships it could destroys some of their their bases to be good and it pulls your thoughts off of the attemt to be caring.

Jesus words: Eye causes you to sin.. meaning