Is homosexuality a sin

Calling homosexuality or gay marriage haram is haram to Allah or God. Homosexuality is not a sin.



If you say homosexuality is sin than you are sinning against God, Ishvara or Dao. To believe that homosexuality is wrong is a sin. To call same sex relation haram is haram to Allah. Laws that forbid homosexuality are a very big sin or haram to Allah. That is how the thing is here, you think you fight for Allah if you fight against homosexuality but you fight against Allah and do halal if you fight against homosexuality. The answer to: is homosexuality sin is a big no, homosexuality it is no sin or halal. Allah, Ishvara does not take offense in homosexuality. Being against homosexuals is a big problem for your spiritual practice. I will try to tell you what I mean:


is homosexuality haram

Gay or homosexual men on a 19th century chinese painting

What do we see here. A bunch of people doing haram or sin to God (Allah). Do you think the great Allah displeases this.

This would only show how little you know of Allah (Ishvara). Is being gay a sin is nothing Dao asks himself. Dao that is the Daoist word for God goes far more above our thinking. Is homosexuality a sin is only one of the stupid questions we ask ourselves. God “thinks” about completely other things. So What do we see in the image? What we really see here is just a bunch of homosexual men following their own lust. And the basic point is that heterosexual people do the same thing. They follow their lust, they like it if people play with their bodies. And sexuality is not a sin to God in general. Our sexuality is a good thing. And also homosexuality is not an act of evil. But there are sins that easily come along with sexuality because it is a strong force in ourselves. To often we believe that the only thing that the people around us are good for is giving us pleasure. Heterosexuals think so often, and homosexuals all the same. All we sometimes think what people are good for is pleasing your sexual desires. And at this point there is a thing we really need to consider: What great thing has Allah given us. that we are not alone. That there are people, men and women made by Allah to share the world with us. A precious gift Allah has given us with this, but all we think about often is our own little advantage. Like having some little sexual pleasure from them. So there we get to something that is really a sin and connected to our sexuality. We often do not care about the people, But only care for ourself. And not for our holy wishes like being nice and caring as it is the will of Allah but for your stupid wishes like sports cars, sex orgies and whatnot. And in this state of not trying to be caring that we often have we ask ourselves stupid questions like is homosexuality a sin. But homosexuality is not the problem. Not at all because it is sin free. The homosexual men in the chinese image could be doing wrong. But not because of the same sex thing. That would not be a problem to Allah. No the haram would be if they do not care for the other person. Homos, heteros that means gay, straight, bisexuals, they all often do the same sin or halal: They do not care for other people. But sleeping with people of the same sex is in itself no haram to Allah. So if you think that homosexuality is a sin you are completely on the wrong track. Homosexuality is no haram. Not trying to be caring, this is haram. Being against homosexual people is a hindrance for your spiritual practice because it is being against a group of people without considering their effords in being caring. How caring is something somebody does or how caring is what you do that is the thing you have to look for. Be caring yourself and help other people to be caring. Homosexuality has nothing to do with being caring or not.

Lets have a look at some homosexual images

gay sin

To heterosexuals gay practice often is disgusting. But that does not mean that God or Allah thinks in this way.

homosexuality sin

Of course this looks as if a possible sin would be celebrated and could disturb Allah or God. But carnival is much the same, that is just the way humans make street festivals. We use colors and flags in human parades and festivals in general. So if the moto of a parade is being gay this is the normal result that casual people come up with.


Same thing again, this is much less a gay parade but much more a carnival parade of gay people. Focus your attention on how many people claim here that they are really not heterosexual at all.


These people are demonstrating because what is natural to them is attacked by people who think that they do Gods or Allahs will by attacking them. Such attacks are the really evil and ignorant thing.

Homosexual people

Again homosexual people on this parade, note how they just try to form a party outfit that maches homosexual stereotypes in order to create a graspable image which is most typical human behaviour to give your group a recognizable identity and not at all the sign of craziness in sin.

homosexuality haram

Boat by boat large groups of people who state that they just feel not attracted to the other sex. Do you want to attack them for this, do you think God attacks them for this what they definitly feel?

gay sex

Yet another boat. We can be so glad that our society has turned away from strikt believe in the Bible and Quran and lets these people state what they feel. Those people are not following a sinful trend to be homosexual. No there have been Homos in all times.

queer sin

Theese people seem like a group. But as so often there is no group.These are people who by accident have some thing in common they are not a threatening group.


homosexual sin

These people are not playing around, they are talking of an inevitable feeling that they were born with. They must make themselves heard and in order for them to be heard you have to listen. Homosexuality is not a sin.



gay marriage sinful

Since there have been real homosaxuals in all times of humanity gay marriage is a must have.

gay marriage

Homosexual or gay marriage is a model we have to support. Homosexual marriage is no sinful behaviour.

Not caring is haram to Allah. This is the big halal to Allah

So heterosexuals can not understand often that homosexual people are homosexual. Instead heteros tend to believe that homos are also drawn to the opposit sex but just go to date people of the same sex even though they do not want it. You got to get rid of this thought. Homosexuals are homosexual. And not being yueer is a sin to Allah, but being not caring is sinful. This is the same for all religions Christianity, Islam, Hinduism: Not being caring is sin. Do with your sex what you like but always be more caring then yesterday. If you fight gays then you are living in big halal or as christians call it: you are living in big sin. If the law of your country attacks homosexual people then Allah or God sees this with disgust.

It is not the homosexuality that disgusts God. It is the hate and laws against gay people that are outraging God. Belive me, it is as I said: as long as I talk about Allah no word can fit to describe him but I say for you to have a better understanding: Laws against homosexual acts “outrage” Allah. Because the true nature of Allah is of course never outraged. I am just using human metaphors to create understanding in this point.

- is same sex marriage a sin -

One more painting. This is by the famous painter Gustave Courbet from 1866. Two girls sleeping. This homosexuality does not disgust Allah, not being caring disgusts Allah. And homosexuality is not a modern trend.


is homosexuality a sin

And this is vase from ancient greece. And it really shows two young men having homosexual sex (one holding a loop). The ancient greek, yes really the democracy and theater guys 2600 years ago. Again you see homosexuality was there in all times.


I am not promoting Heteros being gay for fun. I myself would not want to do this. And I think you will not find to many heteros who suddenly engage with people of the same sex. So it is really just the disgust we heteros feel towards gay practices that bring up the question: is homosexuality sin. So heteros are disgusted by seeing homos because the body of the heterosexual repulses the thought of same sex engagement. What I want to point out is that there are no sinful heteros who just overlook everything their nature tells them and turn to the same sex. Instead I am pointing you to the fact that there are real people out there who just can not feel other then loving persons of the same sex. And this is no sickness in them or a sin to God (Jehova). Whatever the reason is, some people really are like that. And it is no sin, so you can easily embrace the fact that such people exist. You don’t have to fight them. They are doing absolutely nothing wrong against God (Dao).

Even a straight person having gay sex for fun does absolutely nothing wrong in the eye of God.

Homosexuality itself is save from being a sin or haram. Of course you and also everybdy has to be caring and that also is true whenever you date people.

There are indeed situaltions in which sex is a sin. Read about it here: Is sex a sin?


Is Jesus or the Bible against homosexuality?

Jesus is not against homosexuality. Some men have indeed written against same sex intercourse in the Bible. So you can say that the Bible is against homosexuality. Do not take this serious. Never. Whatever the Quran could say against gay people, never ever take it serious. The writers of the Bible are always just people trying to find the right way and in this point they where simply wrong. It is a human thing to be wrong and in this case it unfortunatly happened in the Bible. Remember heteros are disgusted if they see homos it must not surprise us that some heterosexual authors who contributed to the Bible called it a sin for every thing inside them refused homosexuality. And listening to what we like and what we refuse that is usually the way we find what is sinful and what not, but in this case a homosexual would have written a different text to this book.

Gay people are neither sinning heteros nor are they mentally ill. They are just people in this live being homosexual. Take it. Accept it and so stop the sin of fighting your fellow men and women.

This is really important you have to stop the sin of fighting your fellow men. It is good that you tell people when they are sinning, but in the case of homosexuality it is that this is no sin. Not trying to be caring is the only sin. So you see consensual gay intercourse does not have the blemish of being not-caring. Therefor the question: is homosexuality a sin has to be answered with a clear no. As long it is not not-caring being gay is absolutely not a sin.

Only not trying to be caring is sinful behavior. And on top of avoiding sinful uncaring behaviour always believe that everything is going to perfection through God (Allah, Dao, Jehovah)


Abolish the laws against gays today. They disgust God (Allah)

- River image -

Rebellion against homosexuals pulls you far away from being the person that you need to be.

It is very important to understand that God (Ishvara) is not against homosexuality. Allah is not against same sex relationship or intercourse. The Bible for example is overall not against homosexuality if you consider the full depth of the theories unfolded in this book.

Gay people are just gay. They are not struggeling heteros who have a problem. Just forget this. It is not a sin. Go and deeply understand what sin is by reading text  about self development, “The Basics of advanced Spirituality and Religion” that you find on the Spirituality Articles page. From there you might even see better see how wrong it really is for your spirituality to be against homosexuals. It is devastating for your spirituality.

So relax God is a friend to gay people. Allah is a friend to everybody. Even if it does not look so because of diseases and problems everybody will reach perfection (moksha). And Allah or God will give this perfection (moksha). And also we reach it by being caring and nice.

- Image of mountains -

We are talking about that homosexuality is not a sin.

So if you meet homos, be nice or you will indeed be sinning. because being not nice is the only sin. And in addition to putting all power that oyu have into being caring also remember that you can never exclude yourself completely from God even if you do not-caring things

Being caring is the only thing God or Jehovah wants you to do. That you try to be only caring is the will of Allah.

Don’t let this being caring be blocked by wrong ideas about sin. If you want to define sin even better for your spiritual practice you can read a lot more about sin on this page for example in the article: definition what is sin or haram.

Homosexuality is not a sin. It is what true homosexuals are like. And even homosexual sex is no sin for heteros. Really you have to understand “sin” as being not caring. Only this is a sin. If you are only caring then you life completely right.

Actually we are searching for people to attack to make us feel better because we ourselves are not attacked in the moment we attack others because we then seem to live the right way in this society. But in fact if we allow somebody to suffer to give us a seemingly better position then we are not on the right way. We have to understand this mechanism that we want to make somebody the bad person. This comes ultimatly from that we are not practiced enough in being caring. If you practice to be only caring you will not feel the wish to make somebody seem bad, because you will feel firm in this society and on the right way. But even if we often think that we could do better with being on the right way anyways you always have to tell yourself that you are on the perfect way. This is always true no matter what you do because “Ishvara”, “God” or “Allah” or “The universe” makes it. And telling us that we as well as everything else are on the perfect way gives us energy we need to be caring.

- Image of big palms -

Topic: Homosexuality is never haram or halal.

And homosexuals, hey those are peope we talk of here. And also what would you say if most people where homosexual and your sexual attraction to the other sex would be called a sin. True homosexuals are not struggeling with same sex attraction, no, being gay is for real the way they are.

Calling homosexuality a sin is a dangerous mistake in understanding the bible and in Islamic religions that will lead you away from God (Allah)


Am I gay?

What we heterosexuals feel as same sex attraction is either a homosexual tendency which would be no sin, or in most cases it is the fraternal love for the other godly beings. So never think that your homosexual tendencies are a sin which homosexuals just live out. The way homosexuals feel is completely different, for them it is the way they are. It is not at all the same that we heterosexuals feel with some homosexual tendencies. What gay people feel towards their own sex is the same feeling that heterosexuals feel towards the other sex.

- article is homosexuality a sin Image Canions Utah -If you are heterosexual you will very probable not be homosexual, and if you would be it would not be a sin. But as I said most highly probably you are not at all homosexual but often we just mix our love for others and our sexual needs. Or are just tired. So often heteros think that they have homosexual tendencies but very seldon this is really true.

Whatever never be afraid of all of this. And consider gay people normal because that is the truth.


If you are not shure of if the Bible or Quran shall be regarded as a book that contains only the truth you might want to read this article: All holy book have errors and wrong parts. But the best article here to give you an overall firm grip on religion is the basics of advanced spiritual and religious practice article. You find it on top of the Spirituality Articles.


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