Evolution of man theory, true or wrong

Is it wrong to believe in evolution? Is evolution a sin or sinful.


A good christian, hindu or buddhist or a good muslim believes in the evolution of man this is not a sin. Evolution is good science proved by much evidence. As you can see later in the images. Some people seem to have a problem with this and think it is sin so I want to talk about it on these pages. Of course evolution of man is true. It is not a sin. Evolution is not against religion. Science is not a problem for religion. Being against evolution is bad because the evidence is clear. God, Jehovah or Allah does not want you to be against evolution. Allah made the evolution. Allah makes all things and he made this world using evolution. But God, Ishvara, Brahma, Dao did not create this world by making a planet and then making some evolution on this planet. No God, Ishvara, Shiva or Allah has made a world that is much more complicated. What we see of this world is only a very, very little piece of what the world really is. The most of this universe is more than we can understand. So evolution that is a part of this world might seem complicated, but it is nothing complicated compared to what the world really is. Evolution does not explain the world. Yes evolution of man is true, and yes every good christian or moslem has to believe in evolution. But that does not mean that when you understand evolution that this would explain the world for you. Understand that evolution is true, but is itself just a tiny bit of the world. Look, you are alive, and you are alive because God, Dao, Jehovah or Allah makes this at the moment. God, Vishnu or Shiva carries your life and makes it in every second. If you understand that, then you will see that even though evolution is really what has happened on this planet, that God, Ishvara, Allah Jehovah making your life in this minute and Ishvara or Dao holding up a universe that consists of million planets does with this do much more then only making evolution. Jehovah or Allah makes the whole system. And this system in Ishvara will be perfect some day, and is because of God already perfect. So you really have to look for the higher things. Be only things that are caring and nice and believing that what you do is right in Allah if you try your best to be only nice. Then you will understand more insights into Allah. Being only caring, as caring as you want to be because you are made by Allah. And believe that you do the right thing because Allah makes everything that you do. Then you are on the perfect way to Allah. And you will understand more and more the secrets of this universe. And from there always look at what science does in a generally positive way. There are hundreds and thousands of intelligent people always checking each others results. You know they have found millions of “bones” of old animals that perfectly fit in a chain always being a bit different. And that one of these animal chains of species ends up in bones that all we humans have. You are just making a fool of yourself if you do not believe in evolution. scientists are no different race of people. They could be your neighbour and they in this case just look at old “bones” and think about what this tells us.

You should not demand of God that the way of your creation has to be more mysterious and not expainable. You see a three dimensional world, objects fall to earth by gravity, If you want to get somewhere you will have to move there, you see the world is explainable. You explain a lot of things and say this is natural. So don’t demand of God, Jehovah or Ishvara to be unnatural when it comes to evolution. You are made by God, not because God made Adam and Eve as in the christian Bible and we are now the descendants of these first man made by God, Ishvara, Jehovah or Allah. No you are made by God in this second otherwise you would not exist. God, Dao, Jehovah makes a complicated universe that we do not understand, until we are more caring, and we are a little part of this universe. And understanding the universe means to see things that are more then you knew. These new secrets will surpass everything that you knew until then. With being only sharing you go on a way that from time to time unlocks a big secret of Allah for you.

Arguing that God, Allah or Jehovah wrote the Bible or the Quran and it must be true, is not something that is caring. You do not help the person that you are talking to. Persons are afraid, looking for friendship, and they have an inner self that is imortal and that only wants to be caring and nice. So there is thousand things you can do for the person that you talk to by just listening, giving friendship, finding a nice word, giving respect, and of course also advice.

Being there for the imortal inner self of the person you talk to. That is the only thing Allah, Ishvara or God wills.

That is what you always have to do instead of claiming that the Bible or the Quran is right. God makes the world today, He made the world millions of years ago with pre-humans, And he / she / it will make the world of the future. But bringing this world to perfection will happen in another state. This world is not going to perfection in the future. The whole conception of God, Ishvara or Allah, The whole thing is going to perfection. And we are personally a part of this perfection and we will reach perfection. But not in this “Earth world”. The system God, Dao, or Jehovah makes is so unbelievably bigger then the world we see, and we will go into these bigger places. This planet in its past present and future is a tiny bit in the whole world that God, Alla, Ishvara or Dao does.

In this way you have to understand science, it really finds out true things. Those are especially all those things of which people say that they are definitely right, Like the big bang, or evolution. It might be all different, but it will probably be similar to what is found out. But The big bang does not explain the workings of God, Ishvara or Allah. By very far not. God, Jehovah or Allah plays in a higher leage as we say even though he also does the big bang and evolution. What he really does is far more.



What is Evolution of Species

As a  million of people found out. Evolution looks like this: 5 billion years ago in this area of space - is evolution evil -our planet clumped together from stones floating around our Sun. 4 billion years ago little one-cell beings somehow appeard on this planet. How exactly nobody knows. But it is not believed that God, Brahma or Allah put them there, because it is rather believed that Allah is the idea making all that and making us and much more, and not a person putting things into the world by his hand. Because then Allah would be to little and Allah is big.

From there the one cell-animals get children. And all children always look basicly the same.

Until something happens that is called a mutation. You know this term from movies. It actually means that the DNA that comes from the parents into the “egg” and that tells how the child-animal is to be build in the “egg” is accidentally changed. And this changed bio-information thing builds up a slightly different child animal. That looks quite similar, but is then a new species.

After some time the animals of this planet so develope to real animals made from many body-cells. Plants develope from the same first cells.

By accident some of the animals can survive better. For example by being faster, or taller to reach food, or lesser visible in the wood. How good their accidental new form is depends on what the surroundings are. Is it wood or desert, is there food that is high in the trees and such.

So some animals are “fitter” better prepared for the dangers and finding food and getting children.

Chance makes it that even fitter animals get killed. And sometimes a better prepared species dies out just by chance.

But in the long run the better prepared species survies and gets children that will look basicly the same until a mutation occurs. That is called “the survival of the fittest”.

And from one of these animal lines humans developed. They did not develope from apes. No apes and humans developed from the same species, An animal that is a bit like an ape and a bit like a man.

After evolution humanity started to invent tools and later build houses and develope a nice culture.



There is so many tools of “primitive humans” of all ages of the past, That make clear: that this is what really happened.




What we see today in our existence, our chance to be good and our ending in perfection in God, Vishnu, Shiva or Ishvara is a complete miracle. I believe that those are some of the true miracles God, Allah, Dao or Ishvara does. So we should not demand a way of creation that we call miraculous, for in comparison to God, Ishvara or Allah I think we dont know what something has to be in order to be called miraculous.
So never be afraid of science. I think science is good. It helps us to understand. I believe that never will science prove God, Jehovah or Allah wrong. It may prove the holy books to be wrong but - Allah evolution  -never God, Dao, Ishvara. And proving the holy books wrong I think is perfectly ok, because they contain a lot of errors. I am shure that you should not stick with fanatism to the holy books because I think that they just tried to explain what today we can explain better.







Evolution of man reconstructed by unbelievably much evidence


This is what our past looks like, starting 3.6 million year ago, if you consider the many things humanity found and analized.


- Allah -    - christians and jesus -  - first stone tools -

Image 1: 120 Image 3: Didier Descouens

Many true skeletons found of prehumans called Australopithecus afarensis with his first tools made from stone from 3.6 million years BC.


And you find stuff like this. Stone made tools for cutting meat. It is the same kind of tool early people made from stone, but more developed.


- developement of culture -  - cultural evolution -  - primitive tools -

Images: José-Manuel Benito


So we find an immense lot of bones, fireplaces, tools, jewelry, Arrow tips, Spear tips, footprints and so on. And then, when you put up the whole picture of the times that follow the first stone tools then you come to this:

- stone age camp -   - stone age culture -   - prehistoric weapons -

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Images: Musetress. Image 8: Joan Banjo.

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Image 13: Escla. Image 14: Musetress.


And these people also left paintings in caves. And they obviously traded a color for the cave paintings called ochre that is made from certain mineral-ground.

- cave paintings -  - ochre to paint with -

Image 17: Didier Descouens


And then, after millions of years of this stuff.  You suddenly find metal things, after all this time first around 5500 BC (7500 years ago) when humans learned to make the first metal tools first from the metal copper. And later from bronze (copper with tin), and then from iron. And humans invent writing.

- evolution timeline -  - first writing -  - evolution is a sin - - believe in evolution -

Image 18: Gerhard Schauber Image 20: Keith Schengili-Roberts



Then two thousand years later the time around 3.000 BC  (5.000 years ago) humanity invented more writing and the lyra, which is an instrument with four strings.

- Darvin -



Then comes 2.000 BC  (4.000 years ago).

- history of man -



And from there it is only 2.000 years to Rome and these kind of buildings.

- Sinful believe -

Image: Amadscientist





A graphic of evolution af animals


Now we come back to the animals before the humans. Animals that developed until there children where humans. Now we come to the images of that. Images of the species of animals that lead to man and that change only a bit over the time.

There is an image for that outside this website.

Notice that down on the image are old animals that don’t live anymore and they go up and their grand grand children look different, We only see a handful of picked out example animal over millions of years. They don’t change so quickly.

All animals in the horizontal lines live in the same timeperiode. So the world in these old times has only these animals.

Take your time for this image. It took humanity 150 years to make it. And it is in general absolutely true. So this is super good and true science of today in the image I link to. you can absolutely believe it.

At first look at the bottom. It resembles the stem of a big tree. And on this stem you see old animals that where among the first animals that existed. And then if you look a bit higher these animals eventually get mutated children. And so the species branch out. And you see different branches. And one branch means the animal has children and over tenthousands of years the children look different. So in one branch of the tree you see what animal developed what children.

And then you look to the top of the image where you can see the animals of today. And then you can follow how from the first animals over children and children the animals of today come into being. So this chart basicly shows what developed from what. And again I can tell you that this is true. This is a great work of humanity to put together this picture after years of research. Appreciate it.

Evolution of animals graphic.



So if you take good sources like for example Wikipedia you can absolutely trust that it is true what you can read there about evolution or prehistoric animals. Or human culture of the past. Prehistoric means the times before we started to document our history. So take a look around for this topic on Wikipedia. You can very much trust that this is true what you will read there and from this point on of course all this topic of our past times is very interesting. This is not just like some people fantasize about what could have happened. In the traditonal science of evolution so unbelievably many found things are compared that once you get an overview of how many tools and stuff of old times we have found you understand that the Evolution of species and the evolution of man from animals is definitely true. And it looks very much like the images given above.

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