Drugs and spirituality

Drugs and Spirituality



This article is mainly about the effect of your body recreating day by day the effect of drugs that you have used. This has to be meditated to get rid of this bad effect.

drugs and spirituality

Are drugs good for spirituality or do they hinder your way to God, Ishvara, Allah, Jehovah or Dao

A very old question: Drugs and God, (Allah, Jehovah, Dao, Ishvara). There are two drugs that I know of that you can use from time to time and still be spiritual. Those are alcohol and marihuana. Those are poisenous things and spirituality does not need drugs at all. In fact every drug hinders your spirituality. But the practice of taking drugs can have positive effects on some things. Even if it is only for the fun this is already a positive and motivating effect. But keep the attitude towards these soft drugs always to think: “actually it is not good to take it”‘. But if you need to come down from time to time with this drugs you can still be spiritual. But all drugs other then those two, like for example Heroin, Ecstasy, Cocain or Speed (Amphetamine), you must forbid yourself completely if you want to see anything of God, Dao, Ishvara, Jehovah or Allah or the truth. So you will really get a problem with your spirituality if you use drugs like: Speed or Amphetamin, Exstasy, Cocain, Heroin, Steroids and some others. often you hear that Speed for example is very harmless dont believe that. Speed is most definitely among the hard drugs. Speed or Amphetamin has a devastating effect on your mind and body. Just like Ecstasy. And all these hard drugs will deliver a knock out blow for your spirituality. No fear, all your spirituality will definitely come back if you do what I explain in the following chapter. Really don’t be afraid that you have destroyed your spirituality from taken a drug a few times. But if you have ever taken anything you definitely have to do this what I tell you now: Trust me if you want to be spiritual and ever had to do with drugs you have to read this.


Really important meditation for getting the drugs out of your body, so that they don’t continue to attack your body, and to make room for spirituality


You will try to hold your body so that it is good. And you will feel what is good. And you try to understand your body as giving itself bio-chemical things and you will now start to watch over the biochemical things given. But always have absolute trust that the functions of your body always know perfectly what biochemical things to give you. Always your body will know best and whatever meditation you try you can not prevent the most important bio-chemical stuff to be given to itself by your body. So you never have to fear that you can interfere on that to much you never have this might. Some vital biochemical processes in our body can never be affected by ourseves you could say just for that reason that we can not mess them up.

- drugs and spirituality -Imagine something as an  “attitude” you have to hold the body with. So you do not only stand in a certan posture of the body you also have a general idea at the moment how to hold your body all in all. The ground form of that, the “attitude” to hold your body that you have if you not try to have any “attitude” is always good enough. If you don’t try anything it is already perfect. So doing nothing is perfect enough, always. From this save point you can try to hold your body in a better way with a better overall holding style of the body.

If you have unpleasant feelings with the way you hold your body let all trying to influence or hold the body go. Just try nothing any more if it gets somehow unpleasant. The way you hold your body if you try not to hold it in any way is good enough. That also is true for the biochemical things. The biochemical things your body gives you while you try not to influence it is good enough. So if it gets unpleasant don’t do anything anymore and start again at the ground level.



Spirituality and drugs meditation


Some of the biochemical things your body gives you you can change with your “attitude” to it. That means you have influence on how much adrenalin for example you give yourself on daily bases. Of course the way to steer the adrenalin for example it is in the beginning only to just calm yourself down and later it will be a technique for you if you have learnd how it feels to calm your body down and have less adrenalin. So we all have already learned this a lot in our lives. Now you just have to have a look at how you want to set your levels of the biochemical transmitters that you give yourself.

devilAdrenalin for example is not all to good for the body. If you notice that you give yourself standardly a lot of adrenalin. Then over the days and weeks you will not do your body good. So since you live with the long term effects of the “attitude” of how much of every biochemical stuff you give yourself watching over this from time to time is important.

Note: Any drug from Choclate over Coffee to Alkohol and then Cocain forces your body to give yourself biochemical transmitters. That is how a drug works. But the problem is after the release of these transmitters like adrenaline or endorphine your body “thinks” with your  “biochemics attitude” that the level of biochemical transmitters can every day be as high as it was when you took the drug. So after every new drug that you try you will normally have the body set to a new allowance limit of the biochemical transmitters. And the stronger the drug is the more dangerous that is. Because you constantly allow your body to have high levels of certain biotransmitters.

So since nearly everyone has at least tried choclate or even harder drugs it is necessary for you to go through the process of remembering as good as you can the “attitude” that means the allowed levels of transmitters you gave yourself when you where a child. And then you put the levels down that are to high by calming down for example. And then you try to tell yourself that you want not more of these transmitters to be given during normal situations. And together with your “biochemic attitude” with which you try not to trigger to much of this biotransmitter also hold your body and your “body attitude”, the way in which you hold your body all in all, in a way that no more transmitters then these are given. So you set the levels with your “biochemical attitude” and your “body attitude”. And of course also with your “thougts attitude”, the form of your thoughts. I will come to this in a minute.

This “level setting” is a procedure of remembering original biotransmitter levels  of certain stages of your childhood with your memory and then getting your body used to only using these lower levels of released transmitters that you had before you used the drugs.

Do this procedure for once about six times in two weeks. Then wait a week and do it again six times in two weeks. And then check about this again every few month until you feel secure with how much of what stuff your body gives itself on daily bases. Remember even if you try nothing what the body does is good enough. Still it is of much worth to have a look at this. You better do this meditation often in the beginning for it is really increadibly useful and don’t do it hastily this meditation needs some time, lets say 15 to 20 minutes or even more if you like.

You can do meditation more efficiently the more you have worked with these things I just said. You will get a feel for these things. So give yourself some time with that. By that I mean if you do this meditation again after some time it will be more efficient because you have learned more how to do such things. So in this important meditation it is useful to repeate the meditation each year for one or two times. As I said until you feel compfortable with your body.


Even without drugs you could be giving yourself to much of some transmitters. So developing an awareness of your “biochemics attitude” is important anyways. But drugs really raise the allowed levels increadibly high.

Also developing an awareness  of your “body attitude” is very important. And developing all of this will happen over time. That is all no problem. And always remember even the unmeditated body or mind is not a problem.



Understanding meditation is important to do this anti drug meditation right


Meditation is tellingdrugs meditation the body and the mind how to be. Even simple childish techniques of telling your body or mind what to do can be good meditation. So meditation is in this regard nothng complex so that you need to learn old traditional techniques from someone. Because meditation is something you always did. You just have to see here that what you do usualy to tell your body and your mind what to do already is meditation.


Read this again. Take a break here and get this very clear for yourself.


What you just did, “getting something clear” is already a very high form of meditation. Let this be an example for you of how common meditation already is for you. Because I said get this clear and you knew exactly how to do this. But actually with this you “formed your thoughts”. So “forming your thougts” is nothing of certain high meditaion practice, it is what you always do. This usual stuff and only this usual stuff that is what real meditation is about.

This is the real meditation.



Meditation is: telling the body what to do. In what position to stand. And what biochemical elements to set free in the body. And of course what you think. And all this with techniques that seem absolutely like normal thinking to you.


The mind in meditation

First thing to know about what you think is that it is not your core. You are something much, much higher than your thinking. So you have to imagine yourself as always being there. Your thought can be stopped and still you will be there. So whatever you are at the moment is just a form of your thought. Imagine everything that you think as what you think about and behind that the mood you are in that moment. You think with that mood about a thing. But behind all that you are with an indestructible form of yourself so you can switch of your mood and the things you think about in your mood.

This what you are behind your mood is undestructable. However complex or wierd your thoughts are they are always completely a projection of what you really are behind that. You can not change what you really are whatever fast things or unsorted thoughts you have in your mind. Your true self is always so much behind all thoughts that you can not even touch it. You can be it but you can not touch it. So whatever you think and in whatever crazy way you think in a moment your true self is always absolutely untouched by that behind all your thoughts.

That what you really are behind the generation of all moods can not be understood. That is what you really are. So understand yourself always completely build up by what you really are. But also understand that the thoughts you “project” from your true self are also a part of your self. But this part of your self you can move. So you can not only think what you like but also change your mood, the complete way how you hold your thinking around the things that you think about. And what you really are is always unchanged behind all that. That gives you the freedom to give your complet thinking a good form, We don’t try to let our thougts go and be “our true self”. No, we try to trust that there is a true self that will always stay untouched and then give our thougts a good form.

forgiveNo form of your thoughts can be a sin. You can never affect anything in a bad way with the way you hold your body or anything you think. There is never a chain reaction that leads to bad things or anything that you could cause by movement alone. And if some ways of thinking are suddenly unpleasant let yourself fall back to your true self that means let all thoughts go knowing that you don’t need to think anything or in any way and still your true self will be there. So even if you put no force or efford in your thinking you are still completely and perfectly there. So if you have bad feelings while you change the ways you think always “drop to ground level”, just not try to do anything with your thoughts. Or Just let your thoughts run free the way they want. This is also ok.


So once more the aims of meditation

So meditation is an exercise in which we with all our knowlege try to:

  1. Hold our thinking. And our being we create with the “form” of our thoughts. Your true self triggers a “mood” and with this “mood” you think about things. And the whole thing: your self, your mood and what you think about that I call “form of your thoughts”. You will very slowly understand this form over time.
  2. Hold our body posture. To be good. We will understand good posture by the things that happen while we are only caring.
  3. Control the bio-chemical stuff of our body. Even though you can never mess it up.


That is what meditation is about. Whatever practice you invent. As long as you use always all your mind and achieve one of the named goals you are doing good meditation. There might be more goals for good meditation.


Remember if you don’t like a state you come to, Directly just try nothing anymore. Either try to think nothing or move in no special way, or just let your thoughts do what they want and let your movement do what it wants. Both is ok.



That you can come to spiritual states using drugs is a very common mistake. Since the shamans used drugs to get in contact with the gods many of us wish to just take in something and then be unbelievably spiritual. But since spirituality is the finding of the highest things you have to look for it with all your knowledge and all your mind. So putting a state onto the mind with drugs is problematic for real spirituality. If you use hard drugs you will make a working spirituality impossible. So thats why you have to be a million times more carefull with hard drugs. And thats why you have to do this meditation talked about in this article to get the effects of the drug out of your body to come to a better working spirituality. So drugs are the enemy of spirituality. Hard drugs are an unbelievably strong enemy to spirituality because they get you away from what you would usually wish for in your life and puzzle your mind in a way that it is not basicly looking for the caring things, which are the needed basics for all spirituality. Soft drugs leave your mind room to breathe, so with some soft drugs you can still be spiritual. Soft drugs that I know are only Marihuana and Alcohol. Speed for example is one of the most devastating drugs for your spirituality it will get you really into not living your spirituality and you will not even notice that you are living without spirituality. So most definitely hands of if you want to be somebody cosmically. Also hands of every other hard drug.

spiritual meditation religionAnd tell your friends about this meditation setting the levels and that they can read it on this page. Everybody who has taken any drug and does not make this meditation will have more problems in his life. So this meditation to “clear” the body from giving you to high doses of biochemical transmitters is very important for everybody.

So if your friends have taken drugs tell them about this page and that they should really read it.




Since many people have taken at least choclate or coffee this is an important meditation technique that deals with the intake of things.

We want to be spiritual and this “meditation” help us a lot. It is necessary to get the rest-drugs out of your body and your mind. From there you will have much more space for spirituality.

It is an a meditation technique that will help you to get over the negative effects of drugs you have used in the past.



I very striktly recommend not to use hard drugs. They will make real spirituality impossible. People talking of Spiritual experiences on drugs don’t know what a real spiritual experience is. You can trust me on that. If you feel the need to use such hard drugs anyways remember: a dose that you barely can see is already much to much for your body and brain. So try these drugs in these ammounts and leave your body and mind weeks of time afterwards to understand what has happened. Generally these drugs will get you far away from useful spirituality. If you really want to come to the secrets you will hinder yourself immensly with these drugs. And so the Idea of taking drugs in order to have spiritual experiences is very big nonsense. You might be spiritual even though you have taken a drug, but you will not be spiritual because of the drug.

This is also true for alcohol and mariuahna, you can still be spiritual with these drugs, but never you can be spiritual because of them. But there is a huge difference between these two soft drugs and hard drugs. By the way “speed” is so definitely on the side of the hard drugs even though dealers will tell you differently.

If you have taken some things already in your life I really recommend this special meditation:


So drugs are bad for spirituality and not good for spirituality. Drugs harm your spirituality.