Do I have to preach

Do I have to preach and spread the word of Allah?


I want to talk about this because it seems to be a question for some people. I think of course you can tell people about God. But don’t think you would fail in your mission if the people don’t believe you. - spirituality religion Tundra -I think that everybody lives forever. That means everybody lives for many thousands of years or so. And before everybody reaches perfection (moksha) he or she understands that he has to do good in order to become completely good. And the state of being only good and caring which they will then reach after some time this state is then perfection (moksha). So i think whatever people say how much they don’t believe they will never avoid understanding at some point that they have to be good. I think they don’t necesserily understand it in this life and it is bad for them. But if you consider that they will at some point see it and if you consider that they can in no way exclude themself or others completely from God, Allah, Ishvara, Dao, Jehovah or from becoming perfect then you see that the problem if they dont belive in God, Ishvara, Allah, Jehovah or Dao is not so big.

It is a pity but it is not a big problem.

And remember you need your energy to be good. So balance your energies well and don’t waste them all on desperately trying to convince people.

There is some more information on this question in the text Religion Practice.