Devil, demons, witchcraft

Does the devil exist, do witches or witchcraft exist? Or are there Voodoo, curses or spook?




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You want to hear about if the devil ( kroni, kali, mara, iblis) or demons do exist.  And I tell you an important point is to understand that the devil does not exist. This is really important for a good spirituality. But lets make an example: If you fall into a hole then you might get hurt. This is natural. There is no need to say that there is a demon in the hole that hurts you. This is not necessary, if you fall into this hole you can get hurt there is no demon needed in our imagination to do this hurt. And the same is true for spirituality. There is no devil or any demon but yet you can hurt yourself if you do not live spirituality properly. And there is a lot of hurt possible. Jesus says for example that among those who fail to go on the right path there will be a lot of crying. And I also warn you strictly, go in the right way or you will get into trouble with the universe. It is important to go on the right way to stay out of trouble with the universe. Usual human trouble will come to you no matter how much you are on the right way. But as long as you are on the right way you will develope cosmical power and this will help you not against earthly trouble but it will get you closer to having the real cosmic power that you can have in this universe. So developing towards perfection must be your highest priority in order to stay out of trouble. But there is no thinking being like a devil or demon that wants evil things. Such an entity does not exist. But you have to stay out of trouble by going on the right path of being caring. If you do not do this you will get into trouble because you are missing your own supernatural power that you need in the next spiritual dimension. If you go on the right way you will gain “cosmic power” for yourself. And you need this power to move in the “higher” dimensions. And if you do not have this power you will have problems. And again I don’t say if you live perfectly then the earthly problems will dissapear. This will not happen, earthly problems will always be there. I say that when you go on the path of enlightenment then automaticly you will become able to solve problems in the higher “dimension”. And it is necessary that you become able to solve these problems or otherwise you will get into trouble. Thats why the path of enlightenment is very important. But these problems in higher “dimensions” that you get when you are on the path of learning to be caring do not come because a devil wants it, they rather come because you do not foresee the problems if you do not have collected enough power. So it is more like the hole of the example, you get problems if you fall into a hole, but there is no demon in the hole that hurts you, it is rather physics that hurt you in this example. And something similar is true to the problems that arise in the higher spiritual dimensions. There is no devil or kroni or kali but you still can get into trouble if you do not practice to be caring.

If you start to believe that the devil does not exist of course you can not know this from the beginning. So you can believe that the devil does not exist but you can not understand or know this in the beginning. When I say that you have to understand that the devil does not exist, I mean that at first you have to start with the premise that the devil does not exist. Because really understanding that demons or the devil does not exist will take some time of developing spirituality. Because it will be necessary to really get an understanding of what these problems of the higher “dimensions” are like. And to understand this you have to develope your spirituality first. Please for developing your spirituality read the articles on this page. Satan is a prominent figure in all religions. Always there is the personified evil. A man that is just the evil in person. This man has many names and he exists throughout the religions. In one group of Hindu believes this guy is called kroni or kali. In Islam they call him shaytan or iblis, in Buddhism he is named mara, In Christianity this person is called satan, belzebub, devil and even more names. Throughout the religions this figure exists yet it is important to note that this figure does not exist in reality not only does satan not exist but even more: satan can not exist. As I said to understand this you have to reach some higher levels of spirituality. And as I always say to reach higher levels please read the spiritual practice article: Basics of advanced spirituality under spirituality on this page.To reach the insights that make this really understandable for you.

Well what is the basic point that we have to understand here? mara, kroni, shaytanThis universe is perfectly “sorted” from the higher things to the lower things everything is exactly on its place. There is nothing so to say at the wrong place. And you see again we are working with figures and metaphors whereas the deep understanding of this universe does not work with metaphors. So as long as you do not understand it you can work with these metaphors but they do not really describe what is happening. You can understand what is happening after a longer time of practicing. But for now we will continue with these actually very wrong metaphors. So now the universe is sorted. From high to low. The more caring something is the higher it is. There is no exeption to this rule. Power only comes from caringness. Universal power comes from caringness. Evil people may have some power in this world but they can not have universal power. From this derives why the existence of the devil or demons is absolutely impossible.devil, shaytan, kali don't exist Because the devil is a thing that wants evil things and with this you can not have power. It is universally the weakest state that you can be in.There is only one force in this universe and this force is of a caring nature. So the idea of a divided universe that is made of a mix of good and evil power is wrong. There is only one kind of higher power and this is a caring power. everything that does not work along with this caring power can have no power at all. In this one directional system a devil, mara or shaytan can not have power. Because he would not be able to use the higher power. If Satan would exist he would be weaker then we are. So it is this idea of a universe with only one central force that explains why a devil or iblis does not exist. Jesus explained this idea like this: “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand”. And he meant to explain that the universe is in itself agreed and unified or otherwise it yould not exist very long.dolphin So Jesus explained that also his powers can only come from going along with the caring central force of the universe. And that you also have to go along with this force. That you have to become similar to the caring force of the universe in order to become higher. You have to like blend in. And in this thought construct the devil can not exist. Some evil wishing force that has power is completely impossible. Lets not like argue that of course on earth there are evil persons with to much power. I am speaking here about “universal” things. Universally and reaching over your lifespan and into the depth of the spiritual universe only caring things can have power. The devil ( mara, shaytan, kroni, iblis ) does not exist. I talk about this here because to believe in the existence of these non existent things is really a big distraction to your good spirituality. So believe in the universal force that comes from wanting to be good and caring. Of course unfortunately the believe in satan is enhanced by many of our holy books. And the believe that a devil or demon exists might be considered as: just being careful and better believing to much then being hit by surprise. But this is in this case not a good strategy. The believe that shaytan or iblis exists might not seem like such a big distraction for your spirituality but I’m sure that it is one.

I am shure that:

  •  The devil ( iblis, kroni, mara, shaytan ) or demons do not exist. In no way!!
  • That whichcraft does not exist. In no way!!
  • That spook does not exist in no way. People life forever, but that in this world there is no haunting, spook, ghosts, paranormal activity. In no way!!
  • That woodo and curses do not exist. In no way!!

They can not exist because all true power comes from being good and nice.Satan exists not So evil wishing things can never have any true power. That means all “magical” power that this universe gives it gives only to the caring people. So if you want to gain force in this universe you have to be nice. This is all described in the text under basics of advanced spirituality. All things in the universe can only come to power by being caring. So no mara, iblis, shaytan or Demon can come to power. As long as he does not act caring he will not be filled with power by the central and highest caring force that believers call God, Ishvara, Jehova or Allah. God is not a person that lives in this universe. God is the root of everything and the force making everything exist and the thing bringing the universe to perfection. Which it actually in God(Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) already is. But understanding these things like: why the universe is going to perfection and at the same time already is perfect is a thing you will first understand better with reaching higher states in your spiritual training.


How do we picture the devil or demons

As I said all cultures pictured in one way or the other the devil or demons or some form of witches or evil magicians. Lets have a look at some images.


This for westerners is the typical depiction of the devil. An evil red colored person with horns pointy ears and a tail. His legs are that of a goat. This man does not exist.


Typical western depiction of a witch, a woman that inflicts evil magic. For your true religion: Real witches can not exist. Witchcraft is something impossible.


This is the western depiction of a typical demon. Again for finding ways in true religion: Demons can not exist in this universe.

demon eastern

In eastern depictions a classical demon would look something like this. But west or east demons are a wrong religious idea.

Kali devil

This is Kali with a sword. A very much devil-like creature from Hinduism. It is impossible that he exists.

So you see there is a lot of imagery to depict satan, witches or demons but don’t be fooled. In the reality of true spirituality these things show clearly to be non existent.


The devil, demons or witches do not exist

So you see God, Dao, Ishvara makes everything. From top to bottom this universe is in itself agreed. In your live you will have problems but you gain power from the higher force by being caring and develope your caring practice from day to day. And with this you will live severel “lifes in different dimensions” of which the next dimension is always better. And always tell yourself that you are on the right way, you are on the perfect way. This is always true and telling yourself this is very important for having energy to be caring.


So a “Devil” ( mara, shaytan, kroni, iblis, ) could not have powerdevil satan existent and moreover can not exist at all. This is an overcome picture of spirituality. And it does not stop with the devil, also witchcraft to do evil things can not exist. And curses can not exist. Voodo can not exist. All these things have no place in the universe. If you are afraid of witches forget it because witches are something that can not exist. Do you think about demons, evil wishing creatures that use their power to possess people. Forget it, demons do not exist. Just like devil and witches demons can not exist. All those things appeal to us because we like the thrill they give us. But it is no good practice in religion to go for thrills or fancy images. If you hear somewhere in a religious talk something that is like a fantasy story. It will be very probably stupid. There where no big wars in heaven (vaikuntha, janna, olam haba). There will be no flames and an end of the world.

Still it is not stupid to believe in God, Allah, Ishvara and perfection (moksha). What we know of God are only pictures and those are stupid, but the reality of these things is not stupid if you learn how it really is. It is also important to understand that you have to be as good as you can. Be only caring and practice your being caring every day. And tell yourself that you are always on the perfect way.

So don’t believe in these thingsdemons exist not like Shaytan (mara, kroni, iblis ) or whichcraft or anything. Because not only do they not exist, also I think that the belive in these things blocks your being good. I think you should not be be afraid if you don’t protect yourself against satan or demons because I am shure that they don’t exist and never will exist. They can not exist because evil things get no universal power in this system. This universe is sorted straight towards the highest power. There is no duality between good and evil. The universe is only good. So you can not attract wichcraft, whatever you do. No demons can possibly affect you. Those are all things that do really and honestly not exist. No curse can hurt you. No paronormal thing, All this stuff is absolutely non existent. If you see a website that talks of demons and possessed people all the time you should really leave that particular website. So note that evil itself is no driving force while good itself is a driving force.

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