Must God help me

Can I come to heaven by myself or must God (Allah) help me


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Must God (Ishvara, Dao) or Jehovah do it or can I get to heaven (nirvana) by myself. I only talk about this because it is a question you hear from time to time. Don’t waste your time with this question. For this is one of the typical questions of which the answer lies above of what we understand.I think you should not ask yourself questions like these. That your only question is what can I do at the moment to be even more nice, helpful, caring. To fully understand this topic you really have to read these articles about the basics of advanced spirituality. These articles will give you the information that is needed to understand the whole issue of: can I do it or must Allah do it? can I come to perfection by myself or do I need God (Jehovah) to give me perfection? Do we depend on God? I think in a system in which God is the only force and also perfection is something that you reach in yourself both is true.

You reach perfection in yourself and yet only Allah gives it to you. And because we with our simple minds can not resolve these things I would tell you not to bother with such questions. So I call these questions stupid.

Don’t waste your time on questions like these. We can not understand the answer yet. So everytime you come to a question that you can not resolve tell yourself: “Everything is perfect and goes in the best way for me.”

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