“Jesus is saviour” is an evil site

The internetsite “Jesus is saviour” is an evil heretic internetsite


body2There is an internetsite called Jesus is saviour. And it has a heart as its logo. But the site Jesus is saviour is evil. It is a very bad site that can be seen as an example of evil heretic preaching. It hides behind the cloak of love and pretends to be following God. But is does not. There is nothing good behind the preachings that you find on this site. It is the disgusting face of heresy that we can see exemplified on the page Jesus is saviour. And we can see here how the name of Jesus sometimes is misused to teach wrong and evil things. Avoid this page. Don’t believe the lies dished out on this evil page. And also don’t ever believe that what is written on this page would be representative of modern christianity. The internetsite Jesus is savior is bad through and through.

So what is happening on this evil internetsite Jesus is saviour? The classic bad stuff:

beautifulSpreading fear afore the devil and coming with conspiracy theories of how gouvernment representative are preparing the coming of the devil:

At first, the devil does not exist. It is an old believe that will distract you from creating a useful and fruitful life, forget the “Devil” it is an old concept that is not going to get you anywhere. And what you also must forget is “fantasy stories”. Whenever you hear a religion talk about detailed descriptions that sound like a fantasy book like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter then you must know that you are not listening to proper religious teaching. Like Jehovas Wittnesses teach that exactly 144.000 people go to heaven. Hey, bullshit. The coming things are not to be seen. And the reason why the coming things are not to be seen is that they are beyond our understanding. they can not be understood with our capabilities of understanding.Good We will achieve the capabilities of understanding when we reach further on our way to the higher things but giving exact descriptions of higher things to come is just nonsense. The higher things are higher. That is what defines them. That is what makes them undescribable from our point of view. There are other stupid and heretic believes that can be heard from time to time, fantasy stories about: A huge battle in heaven lead by an angle. Angles fighting as soldiers in an epic clash between God and the leader of the angle rebellion Lucifer. And the outcome: Lucifer is thrown deep down into damnation far from God. Bullshit. This is going to lead you nowhere. You are not going to reach the complicated higher things with kindergarden fairy tales like this one. Everytime a religious idea sounds like a fantasy novel let it go, forget about it and question the religion it comes from. It must not be necessarily a bad religion if it has fantasy elements because these wrong mystical stories are still part of the grown religions. But all of these fantastic ideas have to be dismissed. It is an old way of thinking religion by explaining the higher things with things that are found in our reality. But the higher things, heaven, nirvana, jannah, those are thing that are to be imagined as not understandable until you are there.

sin2So whenever you hear stories that are fantastic like fantasy stories. forget them. they are no proper religion. Build your religion starting from what is real. There is a reality around you. There are people who need a friendly word. There are people who need to be fed. There are people who need to feel your friendship and respect. Don’t respect the stupid things people do. Respect the caring things they can do and make it easy for them to do the caring things that they can do. There is a world around you, a realistic world. Do what is good to the realistic world around you. And dismiss fantasie stories.

mindWe like fantasy stories. That is not a bad thing. The book Harry Potter about a little boy who becomes a magician is not evil. But it is no religion. Fantasy stories are fun and they serve a meditation purpous, but in religion fantasy stories have no place. So you might feel a chill and extreme feelings when you read some bad religious texts and might think that this strong feeling is an indication of truth. But it is not an indication of truth. It is only an indication that we really like fantastic stories. In religion this has no place. I religion see for the truth of the world around you. And act according to the simple everyday truth of the world around you. Also don’t try to meditate into a state far away from this world. meditate into a state inside this world. Normality is a big word in proper religion. So when the evil site Jesus is saviour speaks of the gouvernment having a big plan of preparing the comming of the devil. This might sound interesting but in terms of religion it will lead you away from normality. There is no Devil and there are no such things as stated on this internetsite, there is no big gouvernment plan of bringing the devil to earth. And there is not such a thing as Satan corrupting modern Bible translations. This is just as much Bullshit as it sounds. And true religion is actually about things that sound plausible. Because true religion is about the truth. Don’t think true religon has to sound fantastic. True religion sounds normal, plausible. And from doing the normal things you get to the higher things.


What else is evil about the site Jesus is saviour

Well evolution exists. every good christian, moslem or buddhist should believe that the evolution of species is true. But the heretic website Jesus is saviour speaks against evolution

More stupid talk about satan troubeling the world with stupid articles like “Satinism in the vatican”.

spritThis evil website is full of agitation against human beings. It is really evil how the owner of this site pours out hatred against certain groups of people, like for example homosexuals. stirring up feelings hate against this no-evil group by telling lies about them for example he says evil lies like “Homosexuals target children”. And more lies and decieving statements are poured out on this page at the dozen. For example: The site lies that there is a connection betweeen homosexuality and child abuse and then arguments so: “Significant numbers of victioms are males, up to one third of all sex crimes against children are committed against boys. So it is a decieving statement. Because this actually shows that less boys are victims then girls. As we all knew before. which states the there is no connectetion between homosexualtiy and child abuse since far more cases of abuse are heterosexually motivated then homosexually. And other statements that are not deciving are just plain lies stirring hatred.

articlesreligionStupid fictional strories about finding the “Ark”. the Ark comes form a fictional story in the bible and is a ship on which animals where transported during a great flood that God brought over the earth. There has never been such a ship. this is old mythological believe stuff. we are far more knowledged than that today.

More satan-stuff, and again stirring hatred against a friendly group of people trying to awake fear in society against these people. The site Jesus is saviour pours out hatred against rock musicans calling them preachers of the devil. But rock musicians are not evil people but instead most times friendly people enrichen our lives with great musical art.

bibleAnd there is plainly wrong stuff about that “billions are going to hell”. at this point I can only say. people who got no idea of the universe and God really should not preach. Please read my article about it: Hell does not exist.

Another evil statement on this site: “Gods people and God’s churches are forbidden to make common cause with modernism”. Saying this is just evil. The opposite is the case. modernism brings reflected and refined ideas. Remember what Jesus did: he refined the old believe making it more modern and better for us. The same thing the great Buddha did. refining the old making it better. Jesus and Buddha where renewers, modernists. The same is true today. Not only it is not forbidden for churches to go with modern ideas. It is the only chance on a way to constantly discovering more of the truth. Modernism is the friend of good religion. following newer ideas and abandoning old ideas is an increadible treasure and the only chance to develope religion constantly to more truth.

On the site Jesus is saviour which uses the good name of Jesus for evil heresy and fashist calls to violence against certain groups of people you can read the following: “Truth is homosexuality ia a morally reprehensible sin. [...] Children should be taught the truth that homosexuality is a sin that brings the jugement of God.” Homosexuality is no sin. So on this evil page he is not only preaching hatred against homosexuals. He also calls up to indocrinate our children with the evil idea that homosexuals are evil. Which is as wrong as teaching that blacks, whites or chineese people are evil.

fruitfulMany of the things said on this websites are really evil. Others are just dumb like for example talking about an oversexualization of society these days which is absolutely shurely not given if you look at the sexualized states of the centuries that passed and find them to be as sexual as our age and that was so in all ages from the stonege to the present day. And so you find on this evil site for example the stupid sentence: “It is no secret that men and women alike have been having their genitals pierced with jewlery for decades now. The devil influences people to do weird things.” Omg, lol. so what? Next time I see somebody with a genital piercing I yell: The devil made you do this?

He suggests: “shools homosexualizes children”. Ever heard some more insane and homophobic stuff? Selden I have.

teachingsThis evil preacher also goes to saying: “If you support rights for homosexuals then you are pulling on the same rope as the devil” let me rewind. What he is calling for is no rights for homosexuals. Just get it right. He wants to declare a certain group of people “rightless”. That is against the constitution and It is against everything that is human. And on that he puts the name of Jesus who told us to even love our enemies. Do you think Jesus would have declared someone rightless!? Probably he would not have done such evil fashist shit.

vaikunthaBut there is more hatred that is poured out on the evil website Jesus is saviorn as it says: ” [...] public nudity is wrong. [...]. Even the Muslims have enough morality to legally forbid nudity [...] and homosexuality in their countries”. Get the fine indication here: “EVEN the muslims have enough morality to….” He obviously does not expect a Muslim to have much morality. That is some kind of really evil stirring up of hatred and hostility towards strangers. What else is in this sentence: ” [...] The muslims have enough morality to [...] forbid homosexuality [...] “. So he says forbidding homosexuality would be a moral thing. While actually forbidding homosexuality would be the most immoral thing.

Spirit3What else does the site Jesus is saviour dishes hatred out against? On this site is stated: “Because of the demonic influences of feminism upon women [...]. ” Well women where oppressed for ages. It got time for some feminism to put up the same rights for women that men have. Feminism is neither evil nor “demonic”. Evil is oppressing certain people. So it was evil to opress women through the ages. And pppressing certain groups of people is exactly the evil thing that this site actually does in nearly every sentence.So the site Jesus is saviour is not only silly, it is evil.

IshvaraAnd the man writing this site releases more stupid shit onto us: “The public shool system is a diabolic organization.” Well, no it is not. Plain and simple: The devil does not exist and also the public school system of the US is not planning to indoctrinate kids with evil stuff. While actually the website Jesus is saviour does, it indoctrinates people with evil thoughts.

Also the guy making this website has stupid ideas like: “Harry Potter is evil” because it brings people to practice sinful witchcraft. Well witchcraft does not exist, you can trust me on that, I know it. But Harry potter is not evil. It is a fun and fictional book for boys and girls. Nothing evil about it.

hotLets hear the last of his crazy idiot sentences: “Do you really believe that water upon the earth came form outerspace [sic] ? [...] If you do I feel sorry for you because you are really gullible, unlearned and foolish. It is much more logical to believe [that] [...] God created the heaven and the earth.” Well no dispute possible earth gathered from rocks floating around the sun. Not only did the water on this planet come from space, the rocks that make up the earth also did just that: they came from space.


BayEnough examples. The whole site is evil heretic dirt that I honestly tell you to avoid and put aside. This is the evil face of wrongly understood religion. Religion is a treasure of peace and not the stirring up and pouring out of hatred over the land. The site Jesus is saviour com is despiceable. Avoid it and its false preachings. Don’t go there. Avoid this evil site. If you see it know that it is wrong. Don’t ever think that this evil hatred talk is what christian religion tells you.

And constantly this evil man calls upon the name of Jesus. Really I hate the site Jesus is saviour for the evil hatred it tries to bring into human society.