Animals and Insects

Don’t harm insects as long as they are no threat to you or you don’t need to eat them, God (Ishvara, Allah) does not want insects to be harmed for no reason.


spirituality religion MarienYou should not harm animals and insects. Dont kill insects unless they threaten your health. Like to many flies spread deseases, or your house has bugs. The reason why you have to care for insects is of course that on a way to real good sprituality the first thing to do with any animal is not to kill it. From there you start with giving it more respect. Insects are animals and you have to care for them as good as you can. God, Brahma, Ishvara or Allah loves animals and insects. And he wants them to live as good as possible. You are not to put stupid wishes like gardening joy before the life of an insect. I don’t mean that you may not walk through the grass in order not to kill insects, but when I walk over country roads where I could see the insects walking I always keep an eye on the ground not to step on them. You can nearly not touch Insects without hurting them because they are so light.insects religion So unless you really know what you do better don’t touch them. If you incidently killed an insect don’t worry to much for you shall never worry, Whatever happens is good because everything happens to give all of us, All of the animals and everything else perfection. And don’t worry because Insects are also part of the immortal things. Your lifestyle in this world already killes a lot of insects. All the plastic from your computer is made in processes that kill a lot of insects. But this is ok even though we have to care absolutely for nature. So you see we still get to heaven or jannah. If you breed animals to eat them take care that they have really good living conditions. Really good not somehow acceptable. And I also think animals should first be killed when they are adults. By the way animals you see in nature are not lazy, while you see them they are working for their living trying to find food or partners, so they share with you that they also work for their living.jesus Remember: if you have wasps in your garden. Not all wasps are the type going for your strawberry-cake. Many wasp species only fly into nature and eat stuff from trees or plants. So not every wasp nest in the vicinity of your home is a direct threat to you or your family. When I was younger and a wasp flew around me I paniced a little because I thought the wasp or bee might get nervous and sting me. Now I have learned that wasps are full of balance and calmness, much more then people. So the wasp will ot sting you, untill you accidentaly sit on it or press it that it thinks you want to kill it, if you do nothing you can experience a calmness in the bee or wasp that you will not always find in people. It will not get nervous.

So killing insects is wrong.Allah And killing insects hinders your spirituality severely. Don’t ask how to get rid of snails. Instead think of them as neighbouring life forms. They need your garden to survive and they did this long before you came and said that this is now your garden. So since they need this terretory to simply survive they have a certain rightful claim for this terretory. Never kill spiders because you are afraid, Take a glass and get them out of the house, or call somebody else to get the spider out of your house. They are much more intelligent then you think. Don’t ever kill flies. If you have one of this old fly killing things to hit on flies, Be sure to throw it away. Take a glass put it on the flies, push a paper or a card under the glass and bring the fly out into nature. And you will feel how much this attitude helps you with your spirituality and life. It is really important. Never wipe out insects unless it is necessary for your own health

All these insects are neighbouring life forms. And God, Dao, Vishnu, Shiva, Jehovah or Allah loves them.

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And for the onesnature killing insects of you who even don’t want to walk through grass not to step on insects you can consider this: In winter there are nearly no insects so you can walk through gras then. In summer usually there should also not be to many insects in the grass but the number of insects will rise as night falls or lets better say as soon as it starts to get a little darker. Because then the little flies will come to the grass to sleep. And then dew falls and the grass gets wet in summer this is about 9 to 10 o clock. So in the night the grass will always be wet, and also when it rains. Then the flies will not be able to fly into the air as you come closer. So if you want to avoid crushing many insects for maybe unnecessary walks then avoid walking through grass in summer when it is wet or in the night. It is not always like this sometimes there are many litlles flies in the grass even though it is bright day and sometimes in the night there are none even though it is night. So this is just a rule of thumb it can be different. To know if there are flies you have to get down and move your hand through the grass and see how many flies fly up. And you have to consider that there are always some ants under the grass that you do not see because of the grass. But if you accidentally step on an insect you will never get a problem with God (Allah, Ishvara) because of this.

And when you mow the lawn,christian you should not do it when the grass is wet if you want to save as may insects as possible and as is reasonable. And you can attach a little pice of cartoon or anything at the front of your lawn mower to touch the grass some ten inches before the mower goes over the grass. Because when the grass around them is touched the little flies, bees and butterflies etc will lift off. But when the grass is not touched by a cartoon at the front of the lawn mower many of them first start of when the mower moves over them. And then of course it is to late. So I put such a thing to my lawn mower. Why should these insects die for nothing?

If you have a pool and think you must save the insects that drown the pool in it then I have an article about that, because we happen to have a pool.