This universe has already started

How to come to nirvana or how to reach heaven, How to come closer to God



in this article we will look closer at how to reach heaven, reach jannah or reaching nirvana.

A very important aspect of practicing how to come to nirvana or how to reach heaven (jannah, vaikuntha, olam haba) or as I usually say to come to perfection (moksha) is this: This universe has already started. We are wittnessing a state of existence. That means you exist, you exist in this moment. This is already a miracle. some may argue that our existence is a matter of biology of physics but the truth is the high system of the whole “Universe” makes it that we are existent. Some say it is God, Allah or Ishvara that makes us exist, and this is true. But you can also say that our existence is only possible becaue the universe makes it possible. So around us is a system that makes our existence in this moment. And we do not even slightly understand this system. God or the complete system is something of which we only see and understand a very tiny fraction. So the actual world around us has many depth that we just do not notice. It is in these depth in which we are going to grow on our way to perfection (moksha) or reaching heaven (vaikuntha). So reaching nirvana means to understand more of the things that you just could not see before. reaching heaven bit by bit means understanding more of the friendly part of the world around you which you can not see yet. And these things that actually are directly beneath us and around us are better and higher then you can ever imagine. So we are inside of a world that goes far beyond what we see. The truth about this universe is a completely different thing to what we consider to be the truth about this universe. So the truth is there, we just do not see it. The power is there, we just do not see it, the space to live in is there we just do not see it. The higher things of this universe touch us they make our existence. So it is not physics and biology and a lot of chance that makes our existence. This you could consider if what you know of the universe would be all there is. But the point is that what we describe as the universe, people, biologie, planets, sickness is the smallest fraction of it. The answer to how to reach heaven or how to reach nirvana includes that you reach something that is already around you. You are not seeing the universe. And in the folds that remain hidden to our knowledge there come the interesting things. There is Allah, there is the actual possibility to make us exist. These things can not only at first not be seen, they are also not to be described. We lack the words and the capacity to understanding and describe such things. That we do not see them comes from that we do not have the capacity to understand them.

This bigger universe does not only give us existence. It also holds a wide range of possibillities of existing. spiritual lakeThe form of existence we know is possible in this universe. But the form of existing in a higher state also is possible in this universe. Because as I said most things that make our existence possible are not to be seen. Our existence already comes from completely different things then we think. The universe is much more complex, higher if you want to say so. That is why the universe holds so much possibilities like reaching heaven. Because the possibility is already there. We already are much more then we conceive or see. You are not just a biological being in a physical world. You are a holy sprite in a holy universe. Your imagination that biology is all there is is very wrong that comes from that you do not see the rest. While this rest does not only surround us and our biology, no, this rest is the higher part. It is from this big and holy surroundings that your existence comes from. That is why we can overcome our biology because we already are more than this. Our existence does not come from the biology it comes from much higher stuff that we do not understand and it is inside this higher stuff in which we can reach things that now seem impossible.

So you have to understand that the system is already great. You would not exist in this form if the system would not be as big as it is. To understand how to reach heaven we have to understand this: It is our failure in the way in which we live that prevents us from spreading our being into the higher plaines of this universe that directly surround us. But yet the form of our existence is already coming from the complete universe and all higher plains. We are right in the middle of it, but we can impossibly see it until we practice to spread out into and move in these “plains”. So the universe has already started. We are not some mortal biological things waiting to come into a higher world, we already are in this higher world but we do not notice. Well strictly speaking those things can not be precisely predicted. So just take this as a rule of thumb. The higher things in the universe make us but we do not see them now. And the possibilities that we can reach through practicing are at least fantastic. Another rule of thumb is: it is always even better then one can imagine. So we already are in a higher world.

To crack open the path to seeing some of these things that make us exist in this way we come back to being caring.stars Being caring is how to come to heaven. We are inside of this higher world but to stay with this image we only live in a small part. So we do not move through the higher areas. As I said our wish to be caring is not an accidental wish. Being nice is our intuitive wish to act that of which we know that it is the way how to come to heaven. So our our being friendly comes from our inner understanding about how to reach nirvana and it does not derive from the wrong idea that some people theoretize that we just would have discovered that being caring gives us advantages. No the reason is exactly what I talked of here being a good person is the how to reach heaven. We are actually a part of and being made from the complete system including all the higher things and so we are of course knowledged in the higher things. So what we feel with the wish to be caring are actually the higher parts of this world that we do not really see. We have these parts deep inside of us of course. The Universe, Allahs or Ishvaras system is a much much bigger thing then we know. But yet our existence comes from it. And that is why we are knowledged in the idea that caringness is the thing we want to achieve.

At first it might seem strange that the higher things, the actual higher things that make our existence in this way shoud be understandable as caringness because we might expect something bigger. And this is true the higher things are much bigger, understanding them as caring is yet a small description we make about them. And also: of course it is the other way around. Caringness is how these higher things are and that is the reason we strive for being caring. So it is not that we project our wish and hope on an invented Allah or Brahma, it is that the surrounding system projects itself onto us. Being caring is an idea among the higher things it comes to us from therel That is why being caring is generally the way how to reach heaven, or as I say: how to reach perfection (moksha). Because more and more you learn to be what the higher things are like and with this more and more you will be able to move through spaces that already surrounded you but which you could not enter because your form was not similar enough with them. So you make your form caring and with this we make our form more similar to the higher things: automaticly you will float into the higher “spaces” as soon as you are as caring as these spaces are. You try to reach similarity with the higher things by learning to be more caring. While of course it has to be notet that the caringness needed to match the higher things in a way that you really noticably transcend some borders is a very high form of caringness and we need to practice so that we really become better in being caring every day to have the chance that eventually some day we make these kinds of breakthroughs. But as I said the most important thing to understand in how to reach nirvana is that with more caringness we reach similarity to the higher things and with enough similarity you will be inside of the higher things. So it actually goes like this: I have 3 sweets: so I think I can give one away to somebody else. A friend wants me to listen and I can spare some time, so I listen. But we must be living for this, we must live for doing Gods will or the will of Allah wich is the way of much being caring, because sharing sweets is not yet enough to come to heaven(olam haba). It is the perfect way as stupid as it sounds to start with sharing sweets but beyond sharing sweets there are bigger forms of sharing and only through starting with sharing sweets and living for stuff like this, really from living for stuff like this comes the improvement in caringness that is the key on how to come to heaven then. It is starting with what you think is perfect behaviour and from doing what you think is perfect then understand that there is even better behavior then what you called perfect and then the next day living this more perfect behavior. And it needs a lot of improvement to make similarity with the higher things. So sharing sweets and listening to people is not enough. but it is the only way to understand what would have been even more caring. It is an automatism, only with living that what you think is the maximum of caringness you are able to give in a stable way, without exhausting yourself to much. Only from this point of living your maximum caringness for the day you will come to see better ways of being caring. So you start with doing everything you can without exhausting yourself to much. And from doing this every day the limits of your acting caring will be transgressed a bit more day by day. This happens Automatically you do not have to push your limits hard, if you have been maximum caring for one week and try to be maximum caring the next week you will do it a little better. Trust me. And over time this is how to reach nirvana or higher knowledge or how to reach heaven.

You can not just be a little nice and think with this you have made the similarity to the higher things.spiritual forest Even if you have become so nice that you noticably transcent border to nirvana or perfection and start to live in higher places and have come closer to God or reached closer to Allah, even then you have to become even more nice to make even more similarity. So from a state that is already brilliant you still need to practice much more because the higher things are much higher. you will first reach some of the lower higher things and then progress to the higher higher things. That can give you an impression how much caring you have to become through constant doing caringness and from there developing your caringness.

So it is just going to the maximum of caringness and having trust into the universe That is how to come to heaven. But take care of not exhausting yourself by giving to much, because when you go over your possibilities in being caring and exhaust yourself you might have to take a break from being caring and we do not want that of course because we want to keep practicing.

Generally it is coming to similarity with the higher things that is how to come to Allah. But it will take time and practice. Helping the other people to be caring more easy. And helping yourself to be caring more easy. That is how to reach heaven (jannah). Your life after death should give you even better possibilities to be caring and reach heaven or vaikuntha. So it will become constantly easier, but letting time pass without practicing is something we absolutely should not do. And note, that even if you imagine the most caring state and think that the higher things are like this then you are mistaken, because the higher things are of a caringness that is so high that you can not understand it completely yet. If you start to transcend some borders and move into higher “spaces” then you will see a bit further on the way and than you can practice even more. So acting the highest form of caringness is something of the far future. But everybody will reach it. But you can not to much predict the form all these things will have or your form that you will have. And that is good for us because the reason why we can not predict our form in nirvana or our form that we have closer to heaven is because this form will be better then the form we have today. So we can not understand these things because they are better then what we see now which is of course good for us.

So allover you can not be as caring as you have to be now to come to nirvana because your maximum caringness is not good enough, and you can not predict the way how better caringness actually looks like without getting there step by step. So doing your daily maximum caringness is always a small step on your way of how to reach heaven which is followod by again doing your maximum caringness the next day which then will be a bit better. And always tell yourself that you are on the perfect way as you try to be caring and friendly to your maximum.